QA Reveals Details on How PureVPN Ensures Your Privacy!

QA Reveals Details on How PureVPN Ensures Your Privacy!
Cyber Security and Digital Data Protection Concept. Icon graphic interface showing secure firewall technology for online data access defense against hacker, virus and insecure information for privacy.

PureVPN has been a part of the VPN industry for over twelve years. It has been providing cybersecurity solutions over the past decade, and is considered by many reviewers as one of the most reliable VPN brands on the market.

But despite of its reputation for being one of the major providers of cybersecurity features on the market, questions have been asked if the VPN service actually takes the privacy of its users seriously. Many have blamed the VPN service for storing logs of user activities. The company has answered to these questions time and again, doing its best to prove that it doesn’t store any logs of user data. The company has done the same this week when it answered questions posted by a top reviewing website and provided more insight on how it ensures user privacy.

Only last year, the company released a transparent privacy policy that openly stated that it stores zero logs. This was one of the first GDPR compliant privacy policies released by a VPN service. The service also released a bug bounty program on Bugcrowd, allowing hackers to check the security of the service extensively and allowing it to make corrections wherever possible.

Only recently, the VPN service allowed an independent audit firm, Altius IT, to perform an audit of its networks and confirm if it is as secure and private as it claims to be. The result of this audit came positive and confirmed the service’s claims that it stores zero logs of user data.

The company provided more insights about this audit in the QA that is mentioned above:

“It was an intensive end to end Audit. We allowed and provisioned all accesses for them to pick up which systems they’d want at their will. They looked at everything from our VPN servers to configurations to systems services and APIs.

“They also looked at our databases and traced the entire data flows to ensure that no user identifiable information was stored nowhere. Full Audit report is available for publishers upon request and has been made available for all our users inside Members Area.”

This extensive QA session, and the service’s quick and satisfying response confirms that PureVPN is as privacy-friendly as it claims to be. The service’s response to all the questioning and blaming it has come across is appreciable.