Powerful Online Photo Editing Tool Fotor To Help You Process Image Easily

Powerful Online Photo Editing Tool Fotor To Help You Process Image Easily
Powerful Online Photo Editing Tool Fotor To Help You Process Image Easily

There are several photo editing tools available at the moment doing a god work in bringing the best out of your photos or images. A notable photo editing tool is Fotor.

Fotor is one of the best online photo editing tools courtesy of its ease of use and plenty of features it has. The vast features on this online editor tool allow you to make several tweaks to your image to improve its visibility and beauty aspects.

The following are some of the image editing features that Fotor has at your disposal once you have an account.

  • Photo Editing

There is the basic online photo editor tool on Fotor’s platform that allows you to make changes such as resizing, cropping and apply several beauty effects to your photo. To use the feature, click on ‘features’ then on ‘photo editing’. Pick the function that you want such as straightening, adding text or effects.

Alternatively, you can click on ‘edit photo’ on the homepage and get redirected to the image modification page. Upload the photo you want to modify and select the tool you want to use for this purpose. There are effects, beauty, and frames that you can use to up the look on your images.

Basic tools consist of the cropper, resizer, vignette, and curves. Once done click on save, choose the save format and quality then proceed to download the image.

  • Blurring Photo Background

You can also blur your background to make your photo stand out or erase an unwanted background. If you want to blur photo background, Fotor is the tool to go for. It is easy to use with a guarantee of awesome results.

Go to the edit page and go to effects after uploading your photo. Click on tilt-shift and select the intensity of the blur same to the angle. Finalize by clicking on ‘apply’ if satisfied with the results click on save to download the edited image.

  • Photo Resizing

You may need your image to be a certain size more so if they are for use on an e-commerce site or similar setting. You can try out Fotor’s photo resizer for such editing needs.

Once you are on the image modification page, first upload your image and tap on basic tools. Click on resize and set the extent in either digits or percentage. For digits, the limit is 1200 by 1600 while for percentage it is 100 by 100.

Once done with resizing click on ‘save’ download it.


Fotor is one of the best image editing tools that you can come across. Start by signing up for an account on its online platform to begin benefitting from its features. With an account, you are good to go. To get more benefits and amazing features you can opt for the premium package. You can go for either the monthly or the annual billing plan depending on which you prefer.

Highlighted above are just a few of the image edits you can make using the Fotor’s editor. Also to note, the editor is lossless meaning original image quality is retained save for a few features changed by the editing tool.