Paratus South Africa offers unbeatable connectivity with new VSAT deal

Paratus South Africa offers unbeatable connectivity with new VSAT deal
Paratus South Africa offers unbeatable connectivity with new VSAT deal

Pretoria, South Africa – 14 September 2020: Satellite-based technology leader, Paratus South Africa is now offering customers in South Africa an unbeatable internet solution. For only R999/month on a 24-month package, Paratus customers can enjoy up to 10Mbps/3Mbps unlimited internet connectivity, subject to the fair usage policy. Added benefits to this package include free installation, hardware, a WiFi router and professional advice to guarantee the best tailored internet solution.

By leveraging its extensive network footprint, the Paratus Africa group, and its global satellite partner, Eutelsat Konnect, is able to provide unrivalled connectivity in remote areas and at affordable rates.

Paratus South Africa Managing Director, Kallie Carlsen says: “Just because a business or residence is in a remote location does not mean you should struggle to have reliable internet connectivity. We have heavily invested to make sure we can connect people no matter where they are backed by the support of highly skilled engineers available 24/7. We think it’s important to apply a ‘no limits’ attitude in our bid to ensure customers are always connected.”

When is satellite the right solution?

Satellite connectivity is one of the most reliable connectivity solutions for remote and rural locations, such as farms, lodges, rural residential areas and businesses because it covers multiple remote sites that are scattered over wide geographical areas.

VSAT connects users in remote areas to the internet via an earth-based satellite dish that transmits signals to a satellite in space. The signal then travels back to provide a strong connection. Because of the reach the satellite can cover, VSAT remains the best solution for businesses in hard-to-reach areas that are often missed by terrestrial infrastructure.

“Businesses in remote areas face many challenges”, continues Carlsen, “but a poor-quality Internet access service should not be one of them. With the right gear and the right team at the right price, people in remote areas can now fully enjoy unlimited connectivity.”

About Paratus South Africa

As an independent provider for last-mile, satellite-based connectivity, Paratus South Africa has grown to become a full-spectrum, end-to-end services aggregator and managed service partner. With the backing of Paratus Africa’s robust network and presence in Teraco, we offer our customers a range of connectivity solutions including internet, SD-WAN and satellite solutions, making us a truly unlimited network.

We are part of the Paratus Africa group and deliver specialist VSAT solutions as we believe it plays a vital role in Africa’s connectivity, bridging the gaps left by traditional terrestrial and radio access networks. At Paratus South Africa, our business is keeping your business connected – wherever you are.