Openserve continues to transform broadband access in South Africa

Openserve announced it will launch its Copper enabled broadband access network in South Africa.

Openserve CEO, Althon Beukes
Openserve CEO, Althon Beukes

29 April 2020, Johannesburg – Continuing from its recent announcements of changes to its wholesale fixed broadband products across its network, Openserve, South Africa’s largest telecommunications infrastructure provider, is set to wholesale its copper broadband access network through its new suite of Openserve Pure Connect products across multiple speeds.

According to Openserve CEO, Althon Beukes, the wholesaling of copper broadband access product compliments Openserve’s overall fixed broadband strategy. “We continuously are looking at innovative ways to provide affordable broadband access to our customers”.  Openserve believes that through this initiative, it will transform the current channel, process, pricing and product sets across its portfolio there by making it easier for its clients to utilise, stimulate and connect the end customer on its larger broadband access network.

The demand for affordable broadband connectivity has significantly grown as consumers adapt to the  pro-longed effects of COVID 19 and they are utilising online services which include consumption of educational material, online video conferencing, movies, online gaming and over the top voice calling which all rely on having a consistent and reliable connection.

Continuing with its drive to provide cost effective propositions and lead the fixed data and digital transformation journey in the country, Openserve will be launching its Openserve Pure Connect products across multiple speeds on its copper broadband network across South Africa. This new product now allows customers to directly obtain the broadband service from their ISPs and will no longer be required to obtain a copper line from Telkom Retail.

While Openserve continues to modernise its fixed infrastructure and upgrade its network, it believes that its current copper broadband infrastructure is well positioned to be wholesaled where it is viable and available. “This will certainly cater for the increased connectivity and consumption needs by providing an affordable and reliable service to our customers. This should also further support and stimulate online business and the economy at large” says Beukes.

Openserve will provide further details to its clients and connectivity partners in the coming days and is confident that though its comprehensive wholesale broadband access proposition it will be able to cater for broadband connectivity and data consumption needs of the consumers.