Nexign Invests in Development of the Universal Billing

Nexign Invests in Development of the Universal Billing
Nexign Invests in Development of the Universal Billing

Nexign will offer telecom operators and service providers a universal billing solution based on open source database management systems. This will enable customers to optimize the total cost of ownership of a software product and easily adapt it to changing business needs.

St. Petersburg, Russia — March 2, 2021: Nexign (a part of ICS Holding LLC), a leading Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, today announced the start of the project called “Universal Digital Billing.” The project will be funded with investments from Nexign, as well as with a grant from the Russian Fund for the Development of Information Technologies (RFRIT) on a targeted and free basis. The sales start is scheduled for 2022.

The product is intended for both telecom operators and companies from related areas: it can be used by service platforms for the production and distribution of content in various digital networks, as well as by SaaS and PaaS platforms.

Telecom operators and service providers need a flexible solution for settlements with consumers, partners and suppliers. This need is driven by growing complexity of the ecosystem, which combines classic communication services and new digital services for private and corporate customers. At the same time, the billing solution must take into account the exchange rates and taxation schemes, as well as other factors that affect mutual settlements between suppliers and consumers of products and services.

Providing extensive converged billing capabilities, the Nexign’s new product will give customers the choice between using mainstream commercial databases and moving to open source database systems, such as PostgreSQL. Thus, flexibility, scalability, and availability for both large market players and small companies will be the key advantages of the universal billing.

“We rely on our experience in the telecommunications industry and take the trends and needs of a changing market into consideration. Digitalization of various sectors of the economy creates high demand for billing solutions. The flexibility and high performance of the universal billing will enable Nexign to support the digital transformation strategies of telecom operators and service providers in both local and international markets,” says Igor Gorkov, CEO of Nexign. “The support from RFRIT means that Nexign team will be able to strengthen the company’s research and development functions. It also indicates recognition by experts who selected the best projects during the competition.”

About Nexign

Nexign, a part of Intellectual Computer Systems Holding (ICS Holding) and a leading Business Support System (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, has been delivering value-driven, high-performance product solutions since 1992.

Nexign has an experience of transformational projects of all scales, and a proven track record of achieving revenue boosts for CSPs through systems consolidation and a faster go-to-market time for new services after modernisation. Nexign has an ability to make transformation modular and stress-free and ensure customers’ sustainable growth. The company takes pride in its partner-centric approach to working with customers. For nearly 30 years, Nexign has delivered on its promise of unlocking value in the short-term while ensuring customers’ investments are future-proof and support long-term growth.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Nexign employs more than 1,800 people. The company has offices and subsidiaries through Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, Africa and LATAM.

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About ICS Holding

Intellectual Computer Systems Holding ( is a multidisciplinary Russian IT group, which holds a leading position in the technology and IT services development market. ICS holding is the largest IT provider for telecom operators and one of the fastest growing IT holdings in the Russian market. ICS holding is among Russia’s top three largest IT development companies, top ten IT companies and top ten suppliers of equipment for the industrial sector. The holding brings together more than 30 companies united in five subholdings: YADRO, Nexign, Citadel, Kryptonit and Forpost.

ICS Holding’s top priorities include the digital transformation of enterprise companies, information security, data storage systems, cryptography and quantum computing, machine learning and artificial neural networks, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). In terms of geographical reach, the business covers all regions of Russia, as well as several countries in the CIS and further afield.

ICS Holding companies employ in excess of 6,000 people. More than 120 global projects have been implemented in Russia and worldwide. More than 1000 of ICS Holding’s customers work in more than 20 countries.

The total revenue of ICS Holding companies in 2019 reached 82.23 billion rubles. The partner network of ICS Holding includes more than 50 companies in Russia and beyond.

15.09.2020 ICS Holding became a part of USM Telecom.