Lysando AG appoints Leonhard Stärk and Dr. Karl Liese to Ethical Committee

TRIESENBERG, LIECHTENSTEIN – EQS Newswire – September 16th 2019 – Lysando AG, market leader for antimicrobial proteins based in Liechtenstein, establishes an Ethical Committee, composed of two renowned members, who will serve on a voluntary basis, Leonhard Stärk and Dr. Karl Liese. The committee has been tasked to advise and support the Company’s ethnical strategy, specifically with regard to the introduction of Artilysin® for general benefit.

The market leader for antimicrobial proteins, Lysando AG, who recently signed a license contract with the anti-infectives company AiCuris Anti-infective Cures GmbH, now establishes an Ethical Committee. Leonhard Stärk, regional manager of the Bavarian Red Cross and Dr. Karl Liese, Senior Partner for Global Healthcare with McKinsey & Company, will advise Lysando on its ethical strategies and procedures.

The Artilysin® technology is a new class of molecules with a physical mode of action for a specific elimination of disease-causing bacteria. Artilysin®s stand out due to their high resistance stability, eco-friendliness and microbiome compatibility. Lysando has already introduced Artilysin®s against highly-resistant germs and has established it in several indications.

More than 100 million people are estimated to be infected by gonorrhea each year, worldwide. Most contagions take place in third world countries and thus, the pharma industry does not have a valid business model. Lysando, however, has developed a resistance stable Artilysin® to fight gonorrhea, which can end the humanitarian need. The Ethical Committee will support Lysando to make this Artilysin® accessible to patients in these affected regions. They will additionally hold talks with relevant politicians and foundations.

Leonhard Stärk: „I understand Lysando’s motivation well. Helping people is the heart of the Red Cross’s philosophy. Solely, Lysando will not be able to confront this global problem, which is why I am proud to support this small, but highly-innovative research company, in addition to my other work obligations. I am thrilled by the opportunity to volunteer my time to Lysando.”

Dr. Karl Liese: „You do not have to search abroad. In Europe there are also exceptional high-performance and innovative companies. If they then need advice to help others on a pro bono basis, then it goes without saying, I support this cause.”

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