Instagram Live – All You Need to Know

Instagram live is one important aspect of Instagram stories, but it is not much popular among business owners and marketers on Instagram. It’s a great fun tool for socializing and sharing what’s going around more quickly.

The ultimate goal for Instagram marketers is to get more likes and followers, and that is when Instagram live can lend a helping hand. You can always opt for sites that help you gain following on this social media platform, and you can start with a free trial for Instagram likes and followers. Just remember if you choose to go this route, ensure you’re working with the most prestigious company. Don’t take any chance here, and still pay attention to using other ways to win new followers. Here is how you can use Instagram Live for the best results.

insta live

Prominent Features Of Instagram Live

If you are intended to use Instagram live for your business profile you must acknowledge these main features before going live:

  • Plan your content and set your surroundings before pressing live option. Going live unplanned will make your situation weird.
  • Repeat the purpose of your going live after every short interval so the new viewer can also catch you up.
  • Schedule your live posts and don’t go live at any hour of the day. Select the time when most of your followers are active and can join you.
  • Keep track of what you are sharing in your live video and don’t go astray with the theme of your profile.
  • Make your presence worthy and give people some reason to stay with you and join you again next time.

Planning Content for Instagram Live

Planning content for your live videos is as essential as it is for your uploaded posts. You must be extra vigilant while answering the questions and discussing the stuff. Be careful about the selection of your words as it may make or break your reputation. You must maintain the quality of your content even it is life and must stay in line with the theme of your profile.

You can vouch for different ideas by observing different live sessions. Prepare yourself for the expected queries and brainstorm your replies beforehand to avoid any problem during the live session.

insta live content

Here are Some Ideas for going Live on Instagram:

  • Live Broadcast

Social media has no demographic boundaries, and you can reach out to people from around the world. People associated with an industry or niche from every corner of the world are united on one platform to share ideas and spread awareness. You can take the benefit of this and share the latest happenings like fashion shows, cricket matches, or some astronomical event right from your computer screen with your followers and invite them to give their reviews about them. This will make you a part of the global community.

  • Daily Events

You can share your daily events in a live video. For instance, if you are a fitness instructor, you can share your ongoing session, or if you have a working station, you can share a video directly from your workplace to share your efforts and your teamwork. Celebrities often go live to share their behind the camera preparations. These live sessions will indulge the viewer more in your posts and increase their engagement.

You can invite the viewer to ask live questions and give their feedback. This will prolong your session, and people will be more interested in staying with you.

If you want to go live everyday schedule a time and stick to it. It will attract more and more viewers, and people will look forward to your live sessions.

  • Revealing Live Session

Revealing live sessions are most popular among the viewer. You can go live to reveal a big surprise or to disclose some highlights of an upcoming event or product. Suspense is innate in human nature and is always exciting for them. You can build this suspense by revealing your big surprise or announcement in small bits through multiple live sessions.

You can also go live to share unboxing of a popular brand or your favorite product. Give your own genuine opinion as it will increase your worth.