Innovation on Display: How Samsung and Moving Tactics Have Pioneered Next Generation Display Technology

Samsung and Moving Tactics, the leading South African digital signage solutions company, have recently reaffirmed their partnership in Africa, which initially kicked off nine years ago. Considering the challenges of COVID-19 across the world, the use of digital signage solutions to provide crucial information to the end-user quickly, accurately and now adapt to a socially distanced format has never been more important. According to Chris Day, Managing Director of Moving Tactics, choosing to partner with a world-leading display manufacturer such as Samsung gave them the opportunity to offer their clients an effective pre-defined outcome.

“When you build bespoke solutions, you want to have confidence in the capability of the solution not only today but throughout its lifetime. Clients want to know that their investment is sound and that the technology will deliver throughout the contract period”, said Day.

For almost a decade, the partnership has allowed both companies to solidify their position as true industry innovators and resulted in digital signage installations being implemented for large burger fast food franchises, large clothing and pharmaceutical retailers, with a CAPEX value exceeding R100m. Moving Tactics was one of the pioneers in utilising commercial large format displays to ensure playout of advertiser content, which in turn would provide auditable flighting reports to clients. Additionally, the benefits of installing Samsung’s commercial grade screens offer clients much more advanced features. Samsung’s System-On-Chip (SOC) technology replaced the need for external media players. This massive trend in digital signage technology does away with using multiple pieces of equipment, and instead, runs the software via the screen only, resulting in a much more streamlined solution, whilst providing diagnostics and health readings.

“Samsung is proud to partner with a company that delivers real value to South African consumers and businesses. This bespoke Samsung signage technology provides an end-to-end solution that leverages Moving Tactics’ immense technical expertise and unique insights with Samsung’s pioneering technology. This is aligned with our ongoing mission to create meaningful partnerships,” said Sung Yoon, President and CEO of Samsung Africa.

The Samsung MagicINFO™ signage solution used has also proven to be invaluable to clients such as McDonalds whose internal and drive-thru digital menu boards, across 140 sites, ran off the same digital eco-system. Now, as a proactive response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Moving Tactics has also developed innovative niche solutions for the mobile retail industry, such as employing non-touch technology that enables clients to interact fully with a display handset without touching it.

“Samsung and Moving Tactics have always been at the pioneering edge of technology and we have developed sustainable and durable solutions over the years. We see the Samsung relationship growing from strength to strength to continue providing customers with the best solution to meet their requirements,” concludes Day.