Incredible Ways To Use Voice Assistant For Small Businesses

Incredible Ways To Use Voice Assistant For Small Businesses

The internet has transformed the buyer and seller relationship. Just one click and buyers can get goods and services delivered at their doorsteps. But who has imagined that things can get better than this? Well, it has. Technology has now brought everything at our tongue tip. Now we just have to use some magic words like ‘Hey Google’, ‘Alexa’, ‘Siri’, etc. and we will get the results in no time.

Voice-enabled AI technology has changed how humans used to interact with their devices.  “Voice AI” technology holds a lot of potentials. They not only help in accessing information but also help in controlling and managing houses a well as workplaces more effectively and efficiently.

If you are wondering how a voice-activated and AI-based program can help you in your business then this article can be very useful. Below we have discussed a few ways in which you can use voice assistants at your office.

Manage your financials

The core of voice assistant technology is Artificial Intelligence. These are intelligent and smart devices. They can be extremely helpful when it comes to managing finances of s small scale business. You can use these digital assistants to keep track of orders, expenses, pending bills and payments, to analyze and control expenses, check store performance, et.
With voice assistants by your side, you can easily get information regarding stock prices. Besides this, these intelligent devices and apps also give quick and accurate answers to your calculations. The best part is that you just have to ask and you will get an on the spot answer.

Schedule meetings and events

You can use a voice assistant as your calendar and secretary. This one app or device is more than capable to manage your appointments and meeting schedule. With a voice assistant in your workplace or your smartphone, you don’t need to maintain any appointment diary. Your voice assistant will not only keep a track of your daily schedule but would also inform you beforehand about any clash in the schedule. Besides this, it can also provide you the solution by suggesting another date or time.

Besides scheduling meetings, voice assistants can even send a notification to the attendees of the meeting. By one voice command, you can be directly connected to your online meeting. This means, with voice assistants there is no need to use a keyboard to enter meeting links or other details.

Create reminders or add to your to-do list

Voice assistants can be used to create and manage a to-do list and also to create reminders. It will not only set reminders but would also send you a notification about the same. Running a business is not easy. Your mind is occupied with so many things. With a voice assistant, you need not have to worry about missing an important meeting or a task. As soon as you remember something just have to give a voice command to your voice assistant and it will be immediately added to your to-do list.

Improve Documentation Speed And Accuracy

With a voice assistant on your smartphones, you can dictate your emails or important thoughts at any time and while doing other tasks like driving, walking, etc. your voice assistant will not only compose your email but would also document it. In addition to this, your voice assistant can retrieve your documents with speed and accuracy. You just have to request your app and it will retrieve the document and can even read the same to you.

Use AI Personal Assistant Apps to Automate Workflows

Every business has one or more automatable tasks. You can use your voice assistant to take care of such activities. Task automation would not only help businesses in saving their time and effort but would also help in increasing productivity. Voice assistants can be used for task automation in the following fields:

HR and recruitment
Customer Service
Some of the tasks that can be automated using voice assistants are:
Writing and emails
Managing to-do lists
Taking notes
Making travel arrangements
Scheduling meetings

With voice assistants taking care of these tasks, your workforce can focus on more important things. For example, if your sales team has a voice assistant to manage and schedule their meetings then they don’t have to maintain their physical planner and can focus only on the scheduled meeting.

Integrating chatbot

Another way that you can optimize the use of Voice assistants in the workplace is by integrating them with a chatbot. Together they can help you collect data from your clients. you can use this data to understand your customer’s preferences and their buying behavior. This would further help you in providing better recommendations. Furthermore, your Digital assistants can use chatbots to book your hotel, rental car, flight, etc.

Smart Equipment Management

With a voice assistant, you can manage and control your smart equipment with your smartphones. This would not only help you to control your office devices remotely but would also add sophistication to your smart office.