Increasing the value of PMP with Microsoft Project Certification

Project management professional (PMP) is one of the worldwide recognized job role offered by professional management institute (PMI). At present, there are around 791448 individuals and 286 chartered chapters across 210 countries and territories worldwide. In Recent days, the competition is more, Having the PMP-Microsoft project certification helps the candidate to move on a right path. The candidates have begun to enroll for certification courses in order to increase their resume value and add extra nourishment to their career development.

You have come across different features of a Microsoft Project & PMP Training Courses and are wondering about the role of Microsoft Project for your career development. Candidates Aiming for PMP Certification courses usually add MS Project to their prospectus after taking a look at the versions in transmission; especially those in use at the companies they wish to target in future. Well, before you combine this Certification together, let’s tell you why you need to associate your project management skills with ‘Microsoft Project’. Here, we discuss the importance of Microsoft Project and why it is relevant to your career graph strategies too.

Microsoft® Project 2013 is a project management software product, established and sold by Microsoft. This project is designed and focused on assisting the project manager in developing a plan, Analysing the tasks, planning the budget, and examining workloads. Microsoft Project can identify various kind of users in accessing level to the projects, views, and other data.

Growing high in the career-wise is not an easy job it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and time are needed. However, with PMP –Microsoft project things can be easier. This certification can benefit your career. It improves your skills and builds a good Platform. Here there are some benefits

Benefits of having PMP-Microsoft project

Adds a value to your Resume
There is ‘N’ number of professional certification courses that can perceive through your career. Many companies are making it mandatory to have additional certification with PMP if you have an additional certification like Microsoft project will help to get noticed and recruited in top organizations.

Growth in your career
The PMP is one of the internationally recognized courses in the entire global business community. Most of the big organizations look for project managers with additional skills, having PMP with Microsoft project Certification assures to land a better job. You never know who might help to get a better job and salary but definitely having PMP-Microsoft project certificate assures to get Recognized in future.

Enhances your skills
There are many project managers out there in the job market. In such a situation how do you stand alone and compete with them? PMP-Microsoft project certification teaches you important skills and knowledge and excels your career, these make your resume more attractive to the organization.

Earn more
PMP-Microsoft project certificate holder can earn more than Noncertified ones. Along with PMP if you have an additional certification like Microsoft project you can command a higher pay an immediate hike. Having PMP-Microsoft project Certification helps the professionals to earn a six-digit salary in future.


PMP-Microsoft project certification adds nourishment to the career and assures to get knowledge and skill to persuade as a professional. This certification helps to get recognized and recruited by the organization worldwide.