How to Watch Hotstar Outside India (South Africa/UK/USA)

Over the past few years, Hotstar has gained immense popularity due to its amazing features. Although this is an Indian application, because of its fast-growing popularity it is often noticed that people from outside India also prefer to use Hotstar as their primary media streaming application.


It is even famous in the USA, but as Hotstar is an Indian application, so it is not always easy to stream Hotstar in the USA. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the most appropriate way to watch Hotstar in the USA without facing any issues.

How to watch Hotstar outside India

Basic Problems People outside India face to access Hotstar 

Geo-restriction is the main problem that you will encounter while trying to access Hotstar outside India. Nowadays most of the streaming services are geo-restricted which means that those streaming services can be streamed in a few restricted countries only.

Each country implements this restriction on various media streaming application due to their broadcaster rights and their distribution policy.

Therefore it is difficult to stream Hotstar outside India, but due to its growing popularity and because of the fact that it streams best Bollywood movies, high-quality sports, and TV serials so we will help you to overcome this issue and stream Hotstar outside India.

Most appropriate way to access Hotstar outside India

Geo-restriction functions by tracking your IP address, through which it can find the actual location from where you are using the application. So, when you are trying to use Hotstar from outside India, it gets detected, and you generally receive an error message which tells that “This content is not available in your region.”

To avoid Geo-restriction, you should use a VPN which alters your IP address to a fake IP Address and eventually changes the location as well. So if you use a VPN which alters your original IP Address to any IP Address associated with India, then you will be able to use Hotstar, as now you will be located in India due to the changing of your IP Address.

Apart from changing the IP Address VPN also connects you through one of their servers so all the traffic will pass through their server before reaching the Internet. So, whenever Hotstar detects you, they will find the local VPN server which will compel them to believe that you are using their service from the country wherever that particular server is located.

Therefore VPN helps you to overcome geo-restriction issue and hence allow you to watch Hotstar from any country outside India.

Necessary Steps which shows how to watch Hotstar outside India through VPN

  1. First and foremost you will have to visit the Express VPN’s website.
  2. Then you have to download its VPN client for your system or Express VPN application on your streaming device.
  3. Then you will have to subscribe to Express VPN by selecting an appropriate plan.
  4. After that, you will have to open the client or application, and then enter your login details.
  5. Then you will have to select an Indian server so that you can easily stream Hotstar without facing Geo-restriction issues. This is the most critical step which ensures that your IP Address is changed with any IP Address in India so that Hotstar provider thinks that you are from India and hence you will be able to watch Hotstar from outside India.
  6. Now you can visit Hotstar website and enjoy the service without any issue.

There are numerous numbers of VPN applications present in the market today, but still, we will recommend you to use Express VPN as it offers 30 days money back guarantee. So if you follow these steps correctly, you will be able to watch Hotstar in the USA or any country outside India.

Steps to Watch Hotstar Outside India

Step-1: Launch a VPN

First of all, you need to get a VPN subscription which allow you to allocate a public IP address and which must be located in India. I am using ExpressVPN because it’s fast VPN for streaming and allow enough servers to connect in the various locations.


Step-2: Choose Server Location

Here you need to click on Choose Location and go to the country list and then select India.

India VPN.png

Step-3: Connect

Once you selected India from the list, hit the connect button to replace your IP address with an India IP address.

India VPN Connected.png

Step-4: Open Hotstar

Boom! Now your IP address is replaced by an Indian IP address. Now you can enjoy streaming Hotstar in your country for free of cost. Visit the official website of Hotstar to enjoy seamless streaming.

Visit Hotstar

In the above steps we have mainly discussed accessing Hotstar website, but Hotstar is available in app format as well.

On smartphones, smart TVs and tablets the Hotstar app are used. In this case, also the USA people will have to use a secure VPN to change their location to India in App store or Play Store so that they can download the Hotstar application.


To enjoy Hotstar outside India VPN is the only option. So it is essential for you to select the most effective VPN so that you can use Hotstar flawlessly. You can also make use of a VPN for Firestick to connect securely and change your location.

Therefore this article proves that it is possible to stream Hotstar in the USA in spite of Hotstar being a Geo-restricted media service.