How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer During Travel

Mobile phones are a necessity nowadays and especially during travel. We use our phones for maps, directions, places to see, make bookings and arrangements for our travel plans. It’s very important to have a sufficiently charged phone so that you can use it on your trip. Most importantly, we all carry phones during our travel for emergencies.


So what do you do when your phone battery discharges while you’re using apps and other functions of your phone. If you want your phone battery to last longer on your next adventure trip then use your phone efficiently and follow some of the tips below to ensure that your phone lasts longer on your trip.

  • Apps and Content

Do not wait for your journey to begin to download apps or any content that you might need on your journey. Sit and download everything that you need on your phone for your journey at least a day or two prior to the start of your journey. The aim is to use your phone less on the journey so make sure that all the things that can be done before the journey are not burdened on the phone’s battery during the journey.

  1. Low Power Mode

Almost all phones, now have a low power or battery saving mode which uses less phone battery. Don’t wait for your phone battery to be low to switch to low power mode. Keep your phone on low power mode from the moment you take it off charging. This is one of the first things you need to do once your phone is not plugged in and charging anymore. You need to save each and every bit of your phone battery.

  1. Brightness

Maximum phone battery is used on the display of the screen. You do not need your phone screen brightness when you’re not using the phone. So make sure you dim the brightness of your phone screen and only increase it to as much is required for the screen to be visible. There is no need to unnecessarily keep the phone brightness on full even when you’re using the phone. When you’re using the phone just keep it to the level where the screen is visible and easy to ready.

  1. Wifi/ Bluetooth/ Internet

At home our phones are usually connected to the wifi and bluetooth speakers. More often than not when we leave our home, we forget to switch these off and they continue to consume the phone’s battery. Make sure you switch off the wifi, bluetooth and also the mobile internet, if you’re not using it. Keep your phone to the minimum use of making phone calls and if and when you need to use the internet, you can just switch on the mobile internet.

  1. Power Banks

If you think that you will need to use your phone during travel and it will drain the battery of your phone, then you can purchase a portable battery bank from Battery Experts. Portable power banks will give you the freedom to charge your phones anywhere during travel. Their portable battery bank will be able to charge your phones, tablets and even laptops. They also provide laptop batteries, laptop chargers, lithium batteries, torches etc. Make sure your power bank is fully charged when you carry it with you during travel. Don’t just rely on the battery bank’s power to keep your phone charged. Charge your phone and the battery bank, both, so that when after a while your fully charged phone’s battery starts to drain, then you can pull out the battery bank and charge your phone.

  1. Airplane Mode

This method is especially useful when your phone is on low battery and you want to conserve your phone’s battery. Put your phone on airplane mode till the time you don’t need to use it. When you need to use your phone, switch off the airplane mode and use your phone easily. The airplane mode needs to be followed along with other battery conserving methods, so that you are saving on battery from every function.


The key to saving a phone’s battery is to use it minimum and cut out on the number of functions that a phone performs using the battery. So remember to use your phone only for the bare minimum and save the battery for emergencies.