How to Convert and Download YouTube Movie to MP4 in 3 Steps on Android?

What is your favorite platform to stream movies online? Netflix? Hulu? Or Amzon Prime Video? I have to say that YouTube as the second biggest search engine is one of the best places to find amazing movies.

Last, I just watched a movie on YouTube, called Remember Me. It’s so amazing and I want to watch it again and again. Due to the poor network in my room, I decide to download the YouTube movie as MP4 on my Android phone.

Out of my expectation, it’s not an easy task to make it at once because I can’t find a download button on YouTube. Then, my friend, Bill, recommended me to use VidPaw App. Fortunately, it works!

If you need a tool to download movies from YouTube just like me before, you can try VidPaw App with no doubt.



What Services Does VidPaw App offer?

To begin with, you may have a lot of question about it.

VidPaw App is an online video & audio downloader, offering powerful but free download services on Android devices. With VidPaw App, you can easily download any movie from YouTube.

Moreover, it’s said that VidPaw App supports to download online videos and audios from over 1,000 sites. Therefore, if you want to download online videos from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, VidPaw App is also reliable to help you.

What’s more, VidPaw App is a YouTube video streaming platform. VidPaw App allows users to directly stream all videos from YouTube. Just like searching movie on YouTube, typing the keywords to get your wanted YouTube on VidPaw is supported. I really love this video streaming service. In this case, I don’t need to download one more YouTube app on my phone. I can stream and download YouTube videos at one stop.

Besides, VidPaw official website is an online video downloader as well. If you are using iPhone/iPad or PC, you can directly access VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader without downloading an app.

Why I Become a Fan of VidPaw App?

Before using VidPaw App, I have tried lots of YouTube video downloaders. None of them can fit my needs. Some are full of advertisements on their interface, which strongly bother my experience while others are too complicated to use. No instruction offered so that it’s hard to move forward.

When Bill recommended me VidPaw App, I was very worried about it indeed. It’s unbelievable that VidPaw App is my best partner to download my favorite movie from YouTube. Trust me. If you are looking for an app to download YouTube movie, try VidPaw App.

How to Download and Install VidPaw App?

You can directly get the VidPaw App on its official website. Or you can click here to download VidPaw App.

For some people, you may fail to install VidPaw App after downloading it from the official website. To fix this issue, you can simply enable the “Unknown sources” option on the settings. After that, you can successfully install VidPaw App on your Android devices.

What’s More, Some Features on VidPaw App are Worth Mentioning.

  • 100% Free. All download and convert services I can find on VidPaw App are totally free. It’s amazing! I can easily download YouTube movie to MP4 in HD.
  • Multiple output formats and qualities. VidPaw App offers many different outcomes. You can simply make the output choice based on your need. Of course, well compatible output format like MP4 and high quality are supported.
  • Fast download speed. Under an ideal network, the whole download process on VidPaw App is less than one minute.
  • Easy-understanding interface design. Obviously, clear and concise interface design is extremely important for green hands. If the interface is too complex, then it’s hard for many users to follow.
  • Light size. Some people might worry that VidPaw App will take up a large space of the phone storage and drag down the phone performance. You can totally set your mind at rest. VidPaw App holds a small size to let you enjoy powerful services.
  • Easy download process. Thankfully, downloading a YouTube movie on VidPaw App is extremely easy. You just need a few simple finger moves, then you can save your favorite YouTube movie on your Android device. Next, I’ll show you the tutorial on how to download YouTube movie on Android by using VidPaw App.

There are two useful methods available to use. You can choose one of them to make it based on your preference.

Method 1. Using the YouTube App

STEP 1. Copy the movie link by tapping the share button on YouTube.

STEP 2. Move to VidPaw App and paste the video link to the blank bar to access the download page.

STEP 3. Choose a suitable output format like MP4 and output quality like 720p, 1080p.  Tap the download button to start downloading.

Method 2. Without Using YouTube App

STEP 1. Directly run VidPaw App.

STEP 2. Search your wanted YouTube movie on VidPaw, then access it.

STEP 3. Tap “Download Video”. > Select an output choice. > Hit “Download” to finish the download process.



I have been using VidPaw App over a week. Till now, I didn’t find any big issue on it. If you are looking for a video downloader to save YouTube movie to MP4, try VidPaw App for it covers most of your needs.