How The Right TV Transports Sports Fans Closer To The Stands

How The Right TV Transports Sports Fans Closer To The Stands
How The Right TV Transports Sports Fans Closer To The Stands

When it comes to watching your favourite sporting events on TV, crystal clear picture quality, crisp sound and enhanced features make all the difference. TCL South Africa, a champion for sporting events, has set out to design TVs that put sports fans closer to their favourite entertainment and shares some insight on how owning the right TV will bring an elevated viewing experience to sports fans around the country.

You need great technology to deliver a great picture

Television technology has advanced a tremendous amount over the past few years and brands like TCL have implemented this into their offering to give fans the ultimate viewing experience.

Mini-LED technology has become increasingly popular over the past few years. This technology makes for bright, vibrant, yet detailed and precise viewing that will have sports fans seeing all of the action clearer than ever before.

Additionally, QLED TVs have elevated the experience by offering a burst of colour. The Q in QLED stands for quantum dots (QD), a cutting-edge colour technology. A quantum dot glows with the most precisely tailored hue when it is exposed to light, ensuring sports fans get the very best viewing experience.

QLED technology also reduces glare and maintains colour at any angle, which means you can see consistently detailed picture – even from the cheap seats – bringing sports fans closer to the action than ever before.

The introduction of MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation) has also elevated the experience of watching sports from home. The algorithm reduces motion display blur, deducts image tearing and guarantees a silky-smooth scene for every match.

Finally, what’s a good sports match without exceptional sound? Dolby Audio has partnered with manufacturers to offer unparalleled sound when watching your favourite team live. Dolby Audio allows for multiple channels of audio to be encoded in digital form and played back at the same time via multiple speakers to create realistic surround sound experiences. This makes it ideal for watching your favourite sport because sounds will seem like they originate from different places around you rather than from one point in front of you.

Bigger certainly is better – especially when it comes to sport

Watching sports on a bigger screen is also a key part of feeling like you are part of the game! Bigger screens are proving to be more and more popular with sports fans around the world – and for good reason.

With larger screens, fans will be able to see details that aren’t as visible on smaller screens. This makes for great sports viewing as bigger screens allow fans to become immersed in what’s happening on screen.

Brands like TCL, the global number one brand in 98-inch TV market share according to OMDIA’s Global TV Sets Report 2022, have also made bigger screens more affordable than ever before, making them more accessible to South African sports fans.

Activate Sports Mode

Sports Mode is optimized for sports viewing where camera panning and action-packed shots are common. The setting provides ultra-smooth moving visuals with high resolution, and it brings the stadium experience into the home by displaying a billion different shades of colours.

The sports mode function improves the motion and the colours on screen, making sporting events look ultra-realistic. This function helps viewers feel as if they are in the stands and watching the game.