Hisense TV Global No.2, Hisense Never Settle for No.2 Globally


Hisense, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, has carved a significant niche in the global TV market. Embracing the philosophy “Hisense Never Settle For No.2 Globally,” the company showcases its determination to lead the industry. With an impressive journey marked by significant achievements, Hisense continuously strives to be the world’s number one.

Global Recognition and Market Leadership

Hisense’s dedication to excellence is reflected in its remarkable global standings. In the competitive landscape of TV manufacturing, Hisense has risen to the forefront, earning the second position in global TV shipments. This achievement underscores the brand’s growth and its commitment to providing superior products to consumers worldwide.

Notably, Hisense has also claimed the top spot in the 100-inch TV segment. This milestone highlights the brand’s dominance in the large-screen market, delivering unparalleled viewing experiences. Furthermore, Hisense’s innovative Laser TV technology has secured the number one position globally, showcasing the company’s prowess in pioneering new entertainment solutions.

Market Dominance

Hisense’s impact extends beyond global rankings to regional leadership. The brand has become a household name in numerous countries, with notable market shares in South Africa, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. This widespread recognition reflects the trust and loyalty that consumers place in Hisense products, which are known for their cutting-edge technology and exceptional quality.

Sponsoring Excellence: EURO 2024

Building on its commitment to excellence, Hisense proudly sponsors the UEFA EURO 2024 football tournament. This prestigious sponsorship underscores Hisense’s dedication to sports and innovation, reflecting the brand’s ambition to connect with global audiences and enhance the viewing experience. As fans around the world gear up for this exciting event, Hisense aims to bring the thrill of the game into homes with its state-of-the-art TVs.

Hisense’s journey is a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence. By never settling for second best, Hisense continues to innovate and lead in the global market, setting new standards and inspiring consumers worldwide. As Hisense gears up for EURO 2024, the brand’s commitment to quality and performance remains unwavering, promising an extraordinary experience for all.