Hisense Atlantis Factory Celebrates 11 Years of Growth and Community Empowerment

Hisense Atlantis Factory Celebrates 11 Years of Growth and Community Empowerment
Built in Africa for Africa

Eleven years ago, Hisense made a groundbreaking decision that has significantly contributed to the South African, and particularly the Western Cape province economy. Since opening its Factory in 2013, the factory has grown to become the largest TV production facility in sub-Saharan Africa. Today, Hisense celebrates this golden milestone with honourable Friends of Hisense.

Commitment to Community and Economic Empowerment

The significance of the factory extends beyond the production of appliances. It has created much-needed jobs and significant economic empowerment for the Western Cape community. Hisense is proud to have contributed to the livelihoods of many families, fostering a sustainable future for the communities in which it operates.

Corporate Social Investment and Community Engagement

Hisense’s commitment to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) has been a cornerstone of its ethos. The partnership with various children’s homes exemplifies this commitment, providing support and nurturing young minds. “Today, we are delighted to have the children from Ikamva Labantu with us, igniting their interest in technology and inspiring them to aspire towards shaping the future,” said Luna, Hisense South Africa Deputy General Manager.

Environmental and Community Support

Hisense cares about the environment and is making a donation to SANParks, who assist in saving the penguins at Boulders Beach. Hisense is donating products worth R40,000, including two double door fridges, a microwave, and an 18KG top-loader washing machine. Additionally, an H670SIT-WD double door fridge is being donated to Ikamva Labantu to support local communities in Cape Town.

Achievements and Future Commitment

The achievement of Hisense TV being ranked Global No. 2 and Global No. 1 in 100-inch TVs underscores its commitment to quality and innovation. This positions Hisense as a key player in the global market, driving forward the ambition to continuously deliver excellence.

Reflecting on the 11-year journey in South Africa, Luna announced, “The Atlantis factory has successfully manufactured an impressive 4.5 million TVs and 2.9 million refrigerator units, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community empowerment.”

The Hisense Atlantis factory is more than just a production facility; it is a symbol of hope, resilience, and the power of public-private partnerships in fostering economic development and community empowerment.