High Value Patents and Infringement Cases of Cloud Computing Technology

High Value Patents and Infringement Cases of Cloud Computing Technology
High Value Patents and Infringement Cases of Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud computing is undergoing tremendous growth since the computing industry is gradually switching to the cloud. Companies are rapidly filing, selling, acquiring, licensing and monetizing cloud patents due to the growing importance of cloud systems. In patent lawsuits, these patents are now being more aggressively enforced.

Over the last few years, patent litigation for cloud computing has increased. To gain an edge in the market, organizations acquire and assert broad patents to sue competitors for infringing the patent claims.

  1. US8856221B2

The US’s 221 patent assigned to ROTHSCHILD BROADCAST DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS LLC describes a remote server system to receive a request message with media content and consumer device identifier corresponding to a consumer device. The processor determines that the consumer device identifier corresponds to the registered consumer device. The requested media content is available for storage when the request message is the storage request message and delivers media content to the consumer device.

Rothschild Broadcast Distribution Systems has already filed a patent infringement against Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Rothschild Broadcast Distribution Systems accused Zoom of infringing at least claim 7 of the’ 221.

  1. US9098526B1

The US’526 assigned to SYNKLOUD TECHNOLOGIES LLC describes a wireless device that couples with a storage server across the wireless link to carry out a requested operation for remote access to assigned storage space in response to an operation performed by the user. The process for the remote access to assigned storage space comprises storage or retrieval of a data object. The data object is stored while downloading a file from a remote server across a network into the assigned storage space by utilizing download information for the file stored in cache storage to download the operation performed by the user.

Synkloud Technologies LLC has alleged that HP infringes US’526 patents using Microsoft Onedrive cloud storage in HP products.

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