Hey Jude – An App To Make It Better

Hey Jude – An App To Make It Better
Hey Jude - An App To Make It Better

Johannesburg, 11 August21: Humans approach life the way that water approaches gravity – we are always in search of the easiest way down, the path of least resistance. Because our lives are typically overloaded as it is, we learn and master the arts of prioritising and streamlining, delegating and dodging. We’re often most brutal to ourselves and others by slashing our to-do lists, breaking promises and leaving life’s most important moments to the very last.

What if we didn’t have to do that? What if we could reach our goals while living the best life possible?

The essential purpose of technology is to make life better. The platforms and apps of today are intended to simplify complex problems and connect them to products, services and experiences. Banking apps make financial management more accessible. Medical aid apps help us to coordinate self-care when we need it most. Video, streaming and podcast apps bring entertainment and learning within reach, and social media apps bring us closer together, even while we are apart. Super apps bring us ecommerce power in a single application and payment platform.

However, as much as technology helps to make our lives better, it often misses the mark where humans, emotional intelligence and instinct, empathy and free thinking is needed.

Enter Hey Jude, the first app of its kind. While some may compare it to the likes of other voice-activated assistants and AI apps, Hey Jude is so much more than just an app, and any other app for that matter. It is personalised help, compassion and intuition, powered by technology to help people confront life head-on and, ultimately, to make it better.

Hey Jude – the world’s first human-powered digital assistance service – is right up there and top of the pops as one of South Africa’s most-loved apps. Why? It is a shining example of how technology, when executed correctly, can create deeper connections with users. The friendly can-do digital assistants are just like you – real people using everyday experiences to help solve everyday challenges.

Judes are accessible with a touch of a smartphone screen or via voice-note, every day, to get things done for users so that they don’t have to do everything themselves. Whether it’s booking a car in for a service, reserving dinner at a restaurant, having groceries delivered store-to-door, or finding and negotiating the latest deals, Hey Jude is there with a team of help – 24/7.

What’s more, this personalised service goes even further – it is now changing the way people live, significantly simplifying people’s lives by providing everyday solutions to everyday problems, one request at a time. Using every resource available, Hey Jude simplifies the workday – by clearing schedules, solving urgent tasks, picking up parcels and more – and adds value beyond close of business, by organising online yoga classes, life coaches, healthy meal plans and online tutoring for at-home schooling. It’s music to the ears of many who struggle to balance personal, home, social and work life.

Hey Jude is inspiring its customers to replace tedious responsibilities with moments that really matter. It’s no wonder that more and more people are discovering how much sense it makes to integrate this powerful, yet understated, app into their homes.

The results? Fewer broken promises, greater aspirations realised, more meaningful moments enjoyed and happier, more connected users who are making every minute truly count.


Hey Jude is a human-powered digital assistant for busy people that gets anything done faster and smarter than they can do it themselves. Whenever your customers or employees want to find information, manage daily tasks, arrange, negotiate or buy any product or service from anywhere in the world, they just need to ask Hey Jude. For more information, visit https://heyjudeapp.com/ or call +27 11 449 7114.