Get Complete Control and Impeccable Performance with Hong Kong Dedicated Server

Get Complete Control and Impeccable Performance with Hong Kong Dedicated Server
Get Complete Control and Impeccable Performance with Hong Kong Dedicated Server

For the ones who are in the look out of complete control and impeccable performance, a dedicated server in Hong Kong can prove to be one of the most beneficial choices.

A highly reliable dedicated server can go a long way in boosting the success factor of almost any company, big or small. But this can happen only if the company has the budget to afford a dedicated server. While it is absolutely true that a dedicated server is available at an expensive price, it should also be noted at the same time that these servers have much more on offer for their users than shared and virtual private servers. So, the resources, the space and the hardware that the users get by going for a dedicated server hosting solution is always worth the money spent.

Why is a Dedicated Server Required?

Dedicated server hosting is one of the most influential server hosting solutions currently available in the market. Nevertheless, there are still individuals and companies who have some doubt on whether they actually required a dedicated server or not and whether it would be feasible for them to go for a shared server or a virtual private server. Well, there are some major reasons why companies and even individuals should consider going for a dedicated server. So, it’s always worth opening the wallet.

The Site is Witnessing Exponential Growth and Should Have the Ability of Handling Increased Traffic

For the ones anticipating that their websites are growing at a very fast pace, it would always be a great idea to go for dedicated server hosting. Take for instance, if a site is still making use of shared server hosting, its performance might drop with an increase in traffic. This might further result in the loss of business revenue. Therefore, it is necessary to get some time in hand and migrate the site to a dedicated server. This will improve the presentation of the sites even before any possible glitches take place.

Experts in this field are of the view that sites should have the ability of handling traffic spikes of up to 30 times and more than what they witness on a regular working day. This helps with special events and promotions as well. The site owners who are not prepared with sites that can handle sudden traffic spikes might have their websites crashing which would result in the loss of prospective customers. It might even lead to an overall negative experience for the users.

Security is a Major Concern for the Site

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that security is one of the most important attributes for almost any site. However, the importance of site security goes special for the ones handling the sensitive information of the customers or dealing in resource-intensive data. This might include credit card details, confidential mails and personal details of the customers. For such sites, it is necessary to protect all sensitive information and even the site from risks like hacks and viruses.

Going for a dedicated server means that the security of the site is fully maintained. It is the user who is in charge of the security of the site which means that they can easily optimize the different features they require for fetching the specific needs of their site and even the stored files. And yes the users of dedicated servers also take up the responsibility of how the different features are actually implemented. Hence, they are able to reap the greatest benefits of flexibility that come from the use of these servers.

Nevertheless, majority of the hosting providers in this field offer semi-managed and fully-managed server maintenance packages. To be very brief, the users can always specify what they and their hosting providers will be responsible for. So they can trust the experts to take care of mission-critical operations while they can handle other easier trepidations directly.

The Users Want to Have Complete Control on the Site

Another reason why individuals and companies might like to make the choice of a dedicated server hosting solutions over the other options available in the market is complete control on the site. Since dedicated server hosting offers users completely responsibility and flexibility in choosing how they want to use their servers, there are more and more companies going for this kind of server hosting.

Take for instance; the users of dedicated servers even have the flexibility of choosing server software they prefer. They also have the power of adjusting hardware specifications and installing their very own operating systems. It is only because of these reasons that dedicated server hosting is one of the most enticing options for the ones with specific and exclusive requirements and even for the highly advanced and expert website developers.

Some frequently asked questions about dedicated server hosting in Hong Kong are as follows:

  1. Is the page load time optimal on a dedicated server?

Of course, it is. The page load time of a site can have a major influence on the different characteristics of the site. Dedicated servers come as good help in optimizing the page load time of the sites.

  1. Why is it problematic to have slow pages?

Slow website pages can result in high bounce rates and low engagement metrics. Going for a dedicated server means that there will be an increase in the speed at which the site loads up and this will help in preventing the loss of revenue.

  1. Why do sites run slowly on a shared server?

Sites run slowly on a shared server mainly because the users do not have any insight into when and how the resources of the server are being used. It is way better to make the choice of a dedicated server.

  1. Why is it beneficial to go for a dedicated server when it is about increasing the site speed?

Going for dedicated server promises that the users will have the bandwidth they need for augmenting their page loading times.

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