Game On: Why Curved Screens Are a Winner

Why Curved Screens Are a Winner
Why Curved Screens Are a Winner

How Samsung’s 24” Curved monitor gives gamers the edge

• Immersive gaming experience with Curved screen
• Flawlessly smooth gameplay with 144hz refresh rate & AMD FreeSync™
• Enhanced gaming experience with game mode

Curved monitors are a fairly recent innovation but is already being embraced by avid gamers across the planet. The awesome benefits of a curved screen have already been around without many of us realising it. For example, a screen in a movie theatre is curved to make the experience more immersive.

A curved monitor is also easier on the eyes, which helps, as many gamers can spend hours in a game. The arc of the curved monitor matches the natural curvature of the human eye. This means your eyes feel more comfortable with a more natural viewing experience because light is directed from all angles you can see more, which means you’re able to react faster. That’s just one reason why the Samsung 24” Curved gaming monitor has captured the imagination of gamers everywhere.

The Curve Champion

Samsung has led the curved monitor market since being the first to introduce the innovative displays to the world in 2015. With industry-leading technology in a full line-up, Samsung’s curved monitors are consistently number one in market share and more importantly a game changer in a big way. Here are a few great reasons why:

• You Can Dive Right In
With a deeply rounded 1800R curved screen, you are better equipped to win more, as sharp focus on the screen gives you heightened concentration. This means gaming for longer with less eye strain and the ability to play on and on.

• It Has Smooth, Fast Visuals
A refresh rate of up to 144Hz puts you ahead, even in the most demanding games. You will spot the enemy instantly and notice tiny crucial changes in every scene. Also, if needed the refresh rate can be easily changed to 60Hz, 100Hz or 120Hz.

• It Adapts to The Game
With the curved monitor you choose the ideal settings for your game. Game Mode optimally adjusts black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness and colour for any game genre. Low Input Lag Mode minimises delays between your input devices and display. And Virtual Aim Point centres the target on the screen for more precise attacks on the enemy.
• The Action is Flawless
Forget about choppy gameplay. AMD Radeon FreeSync™ eliminates image tears for exceptionally smooth, fast-action gaming. Combined with a dynamically adapted display refresh rate, even the most complex game scenes are seamless and virtually stutter-free.

• Your Eyes Stay in The Game
Everyone wants to play for longer and now you can – effortlessly. Eye Saver Mode minimises blue light enough to keep eyes relaxed and comfortable when gaming for extended periods. Additionally, Flicker Free technology continuously removes tiring and irritating screen flicker so you can focus longer with less distraction or eye strain.

• See Through the Dark
It’s easier to give your nemesis no room to hide. A whopping 3000:1 contrast ratio lets you see dangerous objects or enemies with greater clarity. You are also better equipped because blacks are deeper and whites are brighter with more levels of shades in between. Even when enemies hide in the dark, you can spot them quickly, before it’s too late.

There’s no getting away from the reality that curved displays look and feel awesome. The Earth is not flat, so why should your game be. With the 24” Samsung Curved Monitor a world of adventure awaits. And its breath-taking. Game on.