Free mind mapping software for teachers and students

Free mind mapping software for teachers and students
  1. What is mind map?

A mind map is actually a diagram which is used for organizing information visually. It is Hierarchical and it shows different pieces with their relationship as a whole. It uses a single concept where an image is drawn at the center of a blank age and then a representation of ideas in association to it are added through images words or parts of words.

The major ideas are connected to the central concept and other ideas branch from them.

Mind maps can be drawn by hand or through notes or pictures. It somewhat resembles a spider diagram.

Mind Maps contain many elements that make it a unique tool for students as well as teachers. They begin with the main idea and then become distinguishable at the center. With small themes branching out from the main idea.

As the map grew is bigger and bigger it starts to eliminate images or other graphical elements. Using a mind map software can allow you to quickly build a mind map on your computer then drawing it manually. It takes a conceptual approach to teach and also makes learning more fun and visual for the students. Mind mapping software can help ease the task for you.

  1. Benefits of mind mapping for teachers and students

Mind mapping has many important benefits in the field of education for teachers and students and MindMaster is one of the best free mind mapping software to create the same:

  • With increasing competition in the world and pressure to be the best students have to do well in their academics. In order to achieve greater success, mind mapping softwares are used as they in hands the skills of studying in the student, and it also allows them to better retain what they are reading.
  • Teachers are better able to help the students retain when they use mind mapping. It helps the student to remember what they have learned in a shop manner so that not only does it benefit their life as a student but also benefits their life when they pass out as professionals.
  • There are many students who can rely on visual sources of studying and for them. Mind mapping is really helpful especially when they are making a project or an assignment.

  • It helps to enhance the creativity of the person studying in a great manner because as mind mapping is done with the help of software it is collapsible which means that the person making it can keep making changes to it as per their convenience and as per the knowledge they get.
  • When teachers want to foster creativity into their students they use mind mapping and it also helps them to prepare for their lectures and lessons in a much more comprehensive manner.
  • When a teacher wants to analyse the development and insight of the work done by their students they can use mind mapping as that assist them to understand this.
  • It also helps the teachers to realise how they can use the lectures individually for some students and also how they can add additional resources for studies.
  1. Five reasons to use MindMaster in studies

Knowledge management: It helps an organization collectively and securely organizing and saving and managing their knowledge. It has vivid intuitive and visual methods that help in taking note of your materials and data information. This knowledge management tool is quite useful in taking note of different subjects.

Brainstorming : It helps in brainstorming in a creative manner as it allows a flow of ideas. It helps a person use their imagination and association to spark new and innovative ideas And helps in brainstorming either alone or in a team.

Present in class : It comes with great features related to Presentation and traverse. As visualization is a great way to explore ideas it allows you to make a stunning presentation with the use of slide shows which you can also export in a PDF or ppt format.

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Formula editor:It also has an amazing formula editor. You can insert different and new formulas. And once you’ve made formulas through the editing you can easily save and export them as well.

Cross-platform supported: This software is supported across all platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Windows as well as Linux and Online. It is very flexible as it can work through many devices. One of the best things is that MindMaster is a free mind mapping software to help you in the best way. MindMaster Pro version starts from US$3.25 (Save up to 55%) for students and teachers user.