Explore Features, Applications & Benefits Of Electrical Metering Solutions

Explore Features, Applications & Benefits Of Electrical Metering Solutions
Explore Features, Applications & Benefits Of Electrical Metering Solutions. Image source: Pixabay

With the rising demand for electrical power, it has become necessary to manage energy distribution efficiently. This is the reason a smart grid has been incorporated to achieve a reliable and efficient electricity distribution system to reduce energy costs, cut carbon footprint, and also regulate the demand side management.

If you want to achieve the full capability of the Smart Grid, the utilities companies must adapt themselves by altering their operational models, systems, and processes. In order to successfully implement the Smart Grid, it is necessary to deploy Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)/Automated Meter Reading (AMR) through smart electrical meter solutions.

As a result, the utility companies are now looking to adopt the smart metering solutions to streamline their operations and also help their patrons manage their electrical usage more efficiently.

What Is The Need For Smart Electrical Meters?

Smart electrical meters are essential for Smart Grids because they provide a two-way interface remotely between utility and meter reading delivery automatically. By doing so, they deliver comprehensive information about consumption patterns. They also make an informed decision about using electricity wisely and reduce their consumption effectively.

Smart electrical meters are also useful in providing better monitoring of the electric system through demand-side management and response to reduce peak loads, fraud detection, outage prevention, and connect-disconnect option.

Simply put, they offer a comprehensive solution to add data analytics for improved smart grid operations. They are a scalable, flexible, and secure solution that enables communication, which collects and transfers meter data to the control center for analytical purposes. It is also helpful in facilitating communication with a wide range of meters.

A service provider allows the utilities to achieve meter readings automatically, which reduces the manual work significantly. Simultaneously, smart electrical meter solutions also help in detecting tamper issues, provide time-of-use paying options, and remotely disconnect the power supply.

What Are The Features Of Smart Electrical Metering Solutions?

Smart electrical meter solutions are designed to offer multiple options that may not have been possible with a conventional electric meter. Depending upon technicalities or grid characteristics, varied communication architectures may be necessary.

Here are some standard features of smart electrical metering solutions:

  • It allows seamless integration of varied data sources and aggregates these data elements into a shared storage platform. Following this approach enables the smart metering solution to function as an operational data storage system as well as an electrical meter management system that gives utility companies a one-stop-shop platform to enrich meter data and apply the analytics.
  • State-of-the-art designs enable safe integration with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, making it possible to correlate historical data with current meter data.

Some of its key benefits include:

  • The advanced system allows reliable aggregation of data on a secure platform for the utilities.
  • Multiple dissimilar data sources can be integrated seamlessly through the Smart Grid solution.
  • Advanced tools provide precise data and information with visualization tools
  • Improved visibility of smart meters AMI and distribution network

Apart from streamlining the revenue processes and billing, the smart metering systems also allow integration of data analytics that offers enhanced performance measures as well as customer satisfaction. The utilities are also able to manage the outages and performance by predicting analysis effectively.

If you are looking to implement smart electrical meter solutions, get in touch with a certified electrical professional to get the best recommendations.