Entrepreneurship goes mobile – Hawk Pumps SA assisting entrepreneurs in creating jobs

Entrepreneurship goes mobile – Hawk Pumps SA assisting entrepreneurs in creating jobs
Melanie Mokawem Director at Hawk and Ossie Cebekhulu Senior Internal Sales

18 September 2020: With businesses under strain and unemployment on the rise due to COVID-19, many South Africans find themselves exploring new avenues to generate income. And sometimes, opportunity comes in interesting or unexpected forms. The Hawk Multi-Purpose Mini Drain Cleaning Trailer is a pleasantly surprising and uniquely innovative tool that entrepreneurs throughout South Africa have been finding particularly useful.

This extremely lightweight, affordable and effective drain and general cleaner has taken to the South African roads to provide an inexpensive mobile cleaning tool for drain, roof and general purposes. And it has been generating income for a wide variety of small business owners looking to expand their horizons during lockdown.

For independent plumbers and cleaning services who are unable to lay out large sums of money for bigger trailers, this “mini” version allows them to expand their service offering without breaking the bank. There is also a smaller version available for use as a mobile car wash unit. Various optional attachments are also available. These include a wide variety of specialty nozzles and accessories, storage reels, live hose reels or hydraulically operated reels with forward and rewind controls.

Melanie Mokawem, Director at Hawk says, “Small businesses and entrepreneurs have felt the pressure more than anyone else during lockdown. But the desire to find new ways of making a living is widespread. We wanted to bring something to market that would specifically provide a tool that would allow these entrepreneurs to carve out opportunity – in urban and rural areas alike. The compact nature of the mini trailer makes it easy to take anywhere.

“The affordability makes it more accessible, even to sole proprietors and small start-ups. And it can be adapted to a huge variety of business uses. It’s a workhorse, designed with South African entrepreneurs in mind”.

The compact, trailer-mounted unit features a petrol-powered engine, a 30l/min at 200bar high-pressure pump, a 200l header tank and a hose reel with 30m of HP hose and a speciality drain cleaning nozzle. Also included is a gun, lance and standard nozzle for surface cleaning. This truly multipurpose tool is lightweight enough to be towed by a domestic car. And, more importantly, it can be pushed by a single person into tight spots.

To find out more visit hawkpumps.co.za.


About Hawk

Hawk is a manufacturing company that primarily creates industrial high-pressure pumping and cleaning equipment. They also manufacture spraying solutions, including industrial nozzles. One of Hawk’s biggest differentiators is that they have the capacity to manufacture and custom design machines tailored to specific customer needs.

Hawk serves a wide range of customers from virtually every industrial sector, including processing plants, factories, workshops, contract cleaners, drain & sewer cleaners, car, truck & bus washes, mines, agricultural and more.