Double Lead Conversions from Sales Prospects with SMS Mobile Marketing Campaigns

People use their smartphones for a variety of purposes other than talking to those they know. Manufacturers who make such devices may include a number of unique electronic components to ensure their products stand out in the market. However, they all have one common feature. Users are able to send text messages to their friends, family members, acquaintances and other individuals with them. Entrepreneurs who are eager to ensure their organizations gain the competitive edge over their rivals need to take advantages of this trend. If they are successful in implementing the right marketing strategy, they can use it to convert potential leads into sales. Such a step can also result in a significant increase in their organization’s bottom-line revenues.

Three important reasons to use short message service (SMS) as a tool to generate sales

Industry experts point out that entrepreneurs need to come up with a marketing strategy that exploits the texting habits of their target audience to promote their products. Research shows people in business who succeeded in implementing such a plan generally notice a 40 % increase in the number of new clients they have to cater to in the market. At the same time, they also explain other reasons for taking such a step:

  • Ability to interact with their customers at a personal level

Most people consider impersonal emails or phone calls from representatives who have to meet their sales quotes to be intrusive. However, making short message service (SMS) an essential component of their overall marketing strategy, such entrepreneurs can interact with such individuals at a personal level. Such proprietors begin to notice that they are in a better position to build credible relationships with members of their target audience. However, they need to ensure that the messages they send to such customers are short, casual and conversational.

  • Getting the message across quickly

Most people lead hectic lives and have to deal with a constant overflow of irrelevant information. Psychology experts say only a fraction of these individuals remains attentive to such data for more than 8 seconds. Entrepreneurs who want to convert potential leads in their target audience into reliable customers need to ensure their text messages to them are concise and to the point. Otherwise, they may not get the results they desire.

  • The proliferation of smartphones among young people

Young individuals who prefer to refer to themselves as ‘Gen X’ constitute approximately 70% of people in the labor market who use smartphones for various purposes. Many of them grew up to getting access to whatever information they need at their fingertips. They are more at ease communicating with a salesperson who interests them via text messaging than having a long conversation on the telephone. This is a trend which entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the market cannot afford to ignore.

These specialists go on to explain that in order to achieve their objective, entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of choosing the right time to send such messages to their potential leads. Again, they need to determine the frequency they need to send such information to these individuals to ensure they turn out to be potential clients. They further clarify that these businessmen can take the help of proficient professionals of reliable companies specializing in the field of SMS marketing like SimpleTexting. Taking such a step may prove to a prudent thing for them to do when they feel such a task is beyond them.

Three key tips for using a short message service (SMS) in their marketing strategy

They suggest entrepreneurs should consider the following three crucial tips when implementing a suitable SMS marketing strategy for assessing the right time and frequency for sending such messages:

  1. Entrepreneurs need to wait till the prospects contact them

Entrepreneurs have to patient and wait for potential leads to contact them before they start sending text messages to boost sales to them on their smartphone. Research in this field shows businesspeople need to wait until their prospects contract them over the telephone to show interest in their products before sending such information. Only then can they witness a 112.6 % increase in their conversion rates.

2. Such businesspeople need to maintain proper boundaries and make their purpose clear

While it is vital for entrepreneurs to keep their text messages as informal as possible, they should not go overboard. After all, they are trying to build business relations with the potential leads in their target audience by converting them into potential customers. They ensure to ensure the contents of the messages they send to such individuals are short, to the point and does contain words which they might find offensive. Only then can these proprietors notice a significant increase in the sales of the products their organizations deal in over a period of time.

3. Include SMS messaging with other aspects of their marketing strategy

Entrepreneurs need to adapt and modify their marketing strategy according to the needs of their target audience. After all, they cannot expect everyone in this segment to have the same taste and preferences. They come across certain exceptions to the general norm. This is why they should not hesitate to experiment in communicate with long text messages to potential lead who enjoy reading such information rather than taking phone calls or emails. Even then, it is crucial for such people in business to know how to get their point across effectively. Only then can they achieve their goals of increasing sales and bottom-line revenues of the organizations they operate in the market.

Entrepreneurs need to come up with a marketing strategy that helps them interact with the members of their target audience at a personal level when it comes to promoting their products in the market. Using short message services (SMS) can help them to achieve their objective without being intrusive. After all, the customers do not expect such businesspeople to be robotic and persistent sales representatives. This is the reason why they need to keep in mind the above three critical tips when incorporating text messages in their marketing strategy.