Computer Monitoring Software: What Is It and How to Use It

Computer Monitoring Software: What Is It and How to Use It
Computer Monitoring Software: What Is It and How to Use It

With the spread of digital technologies, our opportunities to get immersed in the online world become exponentially more immense. This is evident in all areas of human activity: entertainment, socializing, and increasingly more so in the workplace. There are a number of different tools and systems that can help workers, freelancers and companies to increase productivity by automating certain tasks and tracking time and progress.

 One of the ways in which this can be achieved with maximum efficiency is a computer monitoring software. Daunting as it may sound at first, such a platform offers many benefits. However, before embracing this kind of system, it is important to know what it is exactly and how to use it properly?

What Is a Computer Monitoring Software and What Does It Do?

Computer monitoring software (or employee monitoring software) is a digital platform that is used to keep track of the employee activity on their work computers. There are many solutions out there and they differ in the range of features and data available, interface, information scope and reporting, price, etc. Therefore, choosing the right one will depend on each individual company, number of employees, business needs and goals.

Most employee tracking systems, however, have certain core functions. For example, most of them provide insights into the projects each employee is working on and how much time they spend on it. They can also isolate specific programs or even websites employees use. Most of them have a built-in automated time tracking functionality to help with time management. Some employee monitoring platforms offer additional features, such as screenshots, keystroke monitoring, attendance recording, email monitoring and more.

With so many possibilities and data, it is apparent how such a software can be a great benefit to the performance of workers and the entire company. Implementing a computer monitoring software improves productivity and time management, helps with employee evaluation and project delegation and enhances security.

However, since employee monitoring software is an imposition on workers’ privacy at the workplace, there are several things to keep in mind in order to make sure that the implementation is well-received among the employees and that the data is used properly and for the greatest benefit of companies and employees alike.

Be Open and Straightforward

Even though some countries allow monitoring of employees without their consent, it is always more advisable to adopt a policy of honesty and openness about the issue. Many employees may see employee tracking as a direct signal of distrust and alienation, which can negatively affect their morale and, in turn, their performance. For this reason, it is a good idea to let the workers know in advance which activities will be monitored and to what end. It might also prove beneficial to explain to them the advantages that a monitoring software will bring about both for the company as a whole and for their individual performance. Additionally, letting employees ask any questions they might have about the process and data that will be collected can further foster the atmosphere of honesty and trust.

Know How to Use Data in a Smart Way

Computer monitoring software offers a lot of data and insights into different employee activities. This data can sometimes be overwhelming and wrong things usually get unnecessary focus. Before starting to analyze employee performance via this kind of system, employers and top management should set goals they wish to achieve by implementing this software. This can be improved efficiency on key projects, decrease in time on repetitive tasks, better project delegation or implementing an additional layer of security, just to name a few. Knowing what the ultimate objective is will help focus the efforts into the right direction. Using an employee monitoring software for the sake of knowing everything about everyone is a bad idea that will only waste time and resources and it doesn’t help with the bigger business goals.

Don’t Be Evil

Although it might seem like a given, it is crucial to make sure to respect the workers’ basic privacy and freedom. Using the computer monitoring software to read employees’ private correspondence during their break time is not only highly intrusive, but also illegal. Respecting the basic moral boundaries will ensure that trust and honesty remain in place at the company. In return, workers will appreciate it and the general level of efficiency will improve as well.


Implementing a computer monitoring software and using it in a fair and focused way can offer great advantages at every level of business. The workers have improved productivity, punctuality and time management, and, in turn, greater sense of accomplishment. The company as a whole enjoys higher efficiency and more automated project time tracking, which translates to higher revenue in the long run. What is essential, though, is to be open and honest with the employees and use the data intelligently. After that, the benefits are sure to follow.

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