Change is in the Air

How Spring affects the air around us


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 19 August, 2019 – After the cold dark days of Winter, we can finally see the light at the end of the seasonal tunnel. While we won’t miss the avalanche of coughs and sneezes that Winter brought, the season may spring a few surprises? The fact is, Spring is not a total breath of fresh air.

“Temperature and humidity levels, as well as the concentration of gases and chemicals in the air are all affected by changes in the weather. The outdoor climate affects the climate indoors and influences air pollution in your home,” says Robert Larkan, Head of Digital Air Solutions at Samsung South Africa.

The beginning of Spring in South Africa is predictably unpredictable. While Summer is mostly hot and Winter cold, early Spring can be either. This kind of unpredictable weather causes more frequent headaches, joint pain, tiredness and even the return of the dreaded cold. The moist air associated with seasonal thunderstorms results in an increase of pollen and pollution into smaller particles which are more easily inhaled deep into the lungs and even trigger asthma attacks. Warm and moist conditions also spur on the release of fungal spores which can set off allergies in some of us.

Tips to reduce the effect of seasonal allergies

• Remember to do your Spring cleaning before pollen is in the air. You may still have to cope with dust allergies while cleaning but at least you won’t have to deal with both dust and pollen.

• Keep your windows closed when pollen counts are high.

• Remove outer clothing outside and shake them off before bringing them indoors. Even though you may not be able to see pollen on your clothing, it’s there.

• Wash pollen down the drain by showering as soon as you get home. Pollen sticks to your hair and skin, so rinsing it off will help keep it out of your bed, carpet and furniture.

The reality is that every season influences the quality of air in your home and even affects how you sleep. Fortunately, modern advances in air conditioning do a make a difference.

“Despite the season, you can still control the air around you when you’re indoors. In fact, at Samsung we’ve pioneered technologies that counter what the seasons blow in. Our Wind-Free™ air conditioners have an easy filter that captures dust, dangerous contaminants and allergens and its Virus Doctor reduces certain harmful viruses and bacteria,” says Larkan.

In Spring, your health and how you feel is impacted by the air around you. However, a few simple tips and a good air conditioner can help ensure that Spring is nothing to sneeze it.

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