Best Surveillance App for Android Phone


Tracking anyone’s phone these days has become quite easy. It is because of the best and the most advanced spying apps available in the markets these days. These apps have been very helpful in introducing the users with new and the latest spying technology. A good number of new features have been added that have just changed the way tracking a phone was done.

As we said that there are many surveillance apps for android phone in the market these days. All are not work using. Many of these apps are fake and very expensive. The users end up paying a lot more without gaining much on the other hand. In order to help out the users, we have created this post about the best surveillance app for android phones.

This is called BlurSPY app. BlurSPY is a wonderful surveillance app that is dubbed as the best spy app in the market for Android phones. There are so many positive and great things about this app. Features offered in BlurSPY are amazing and essential. You will feel very comfortable and pleased to track an android phone with the featured provided by the app. Let’s talk about its features.

Features of the Spy App

The list of feature that comes with a spy app determines to what extent you can track any target phone. BlurSPY app provides its users with all the important and essential features they will need when it comes to tracking a phone. Features are not only very effective but highly optimised as well. The optimisation factor makes it easy for the users to activate any features of BlurSPY and start monitoring their target android phone.

Phone Call Tracker

Among the best features, this one is essential. Every person, whether parents, employers or people in relationships, need this feature. It is one of the widely used spying features of the app. The feature allows the users to monitor phone calls on any phone. The calls cannot only be intercepted live but users can record them as well. You will also have the option to block any phone number so that the target phone cannot get any more calls to form that number.

Text Message Tracker

Here come another useful and one of the best features of the app. For parents, this feature is the best option as they can deal with increasing sexting in their kids with the help of this app. For other users, the app has a number of users. Without tracking text messages, spying is just incomplete. So the feature allows you to check all the sent and received text messages on the target phone.

GPS Location Tracker

This is another feature the users will need when they want to track an android phone. Purpose of this feature is to empower the BlurSPY users to get more control over their target phones. With this feature, users can track the live locations of the target phones. The app will also give you access to the weekly location history of the users. For parents, this feature is the most important one to protect their kids.

Social Media Hacking

When you are monitoring a phone, it becomes inevitable that you check their social media activities so that you can find out the desired results. Hacking social media is quite hard and almost impossible. But BlurSPY makes it like a piece of cake for its users. It lets you hack any social media app and capture the whole screen of the app within seconds. No matter what social app it is, there are 12 social media monitoring tools without root, this feature gives you access to the private stuff on the target phone as well.

Spying on Instant Messengers

There are many people who want to hack the messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and others. The reason is that these apps are used for most of the conversations. People send messages, share photos and videos, they make audio and video calls. So for anyone these apps are of great importance. And BlurSPY allows you to sneak into these apps and get access to the private stuff on the target phones.

Using Screen Recorder

You will not find this advanced feature in any other app these days. This is a very good and useful feature that BlurSPY has introduced recently for the users. With this feature, you can hack any target phone, get access to the social media apps as well as all other apps installed on the phone. The screen recorder lets the users take screenshots, capture videos and see what the target user is doing on their phone.


BlurSPY is the best surveillance app and it provides the users with a wide range of useful features. Spying on any phone becomes way too easy with Android spy app. It is also very affordable, the most optimised app and offers the best features.

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