Armand Peri - How an Innovator Leveraged Technology to Develop a Leading Entertainment Company

Armand Peri - How an Innovator Leveraged Technology to Develop a Leading Entertainment Company
Armand Peri — How an Innovator Leveraged Technology to Develop a Leading Entertainment Company

In the current market, technology is constantly evolving and providing new opportunities to those who are able to leverage its power and apply it to business applications. Artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and machine learning technologies are opening doors to business opportunities that were once unfathomable ten years ago. As new technology permeates itself throughout the business world, it is those who have been able to leverage and optimize its uses that have been able to maximize the results and reap the most rewards.

Search engine optimization uses complicated algorithms to provide the best user results and experience to those seeking information. The knowledge and information needed for a business to correctly position itself in a crowded market and optimize itself in search engine results is a complicated one and requires many hours of testing, developing, and refinement. The technology behind the algorithms requires a deep understanding of neural networks, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. However, entrepreneurs who are able to fully develop and understand the model to optimize their business in search engine results have been able to build successful companies.

The need to understand the intricacies of technology affect business from all fields and have found their way into the male revue entertainment industry. One such individual who was able to leverage technology and maximize its usage is Armand Peri, the founder, and CEO of Hunk-O-Mania, a male revue entertainment company with locations all over the United States and shows seen by millions of patrons. However, Armand’s success was not overnight but rather many years of building and testing different technology strategies and applying them to optimizing his business results.

Armand’s story is truly the story of the American Dream, the son of immigrants from Portugal who came to Newark, NJ at the age of 12 to find a better life. When speaking with him, he recounts the struggles he encountered as a child and growing up in an unfamiliar world, speaking very little English. He passionately recalls how he worked long hours in a bakery to save up every penny he could to support his family. His teenage years were filled with racial abuse and bullying from classmates who looked down upon his financial status.

Although his upbringing was rough, he was able to turn it around and leverage his abilities to build a successful business empire. He first developed short-term goals including building his body up through weightlifting to counteract the bullying he had experienced. During this time period he was able to achieve another goal of his to win a local bodybuilding competition, Mr. Teenage New Jersey.

He used his passion for self-improvement into the business world and started his company Hunk-O-Mania in 1998, after a successful stint as a dancer at a nightclub called Escapes in Long Island, NY. He applied his self-discipline from bodybuilding into learning and optimizing technology for his business listings in New York. Through many years of trial and error he was able to ultimately build Hunk-O-Mania into a nation-wide brand with successful shows throughout the country.

When speaking with Armand and asking him what his secret is to success, he identifies five main key points: goal-setting, creating an action plan, intelligent time-management, positivity and added value into one’s market. These five steps were what he used to turn a small company in a niche industry into a dominating factor in today’s entertainment world. By following this path, he was able to provide an everlasting entertainment experience to his customers and build a successful empire with profitability year over year.

Goal-setting is an important step that Armand emphasizes during his journey from his penniless days as a young immigrant child. He set goals in everything he did — from bodybuilding to real estate investing to growing and developing his business. He would write short-term goals and long-term goals on the back of his closet door when he was young to prevent others, including his own family members, from seeing them. These goals were so important to him that he kept them close to his heart. Through focus, determination and unrelenting hard work, he was able to achieve each one and set important milestones throughout his life to achieve the freedom he wanted.

Although goal-setting is important, it is not enough if one does not take action. Therefore a plan-of-action is just as vital as the initial goals set in step one. Armand always took progress steps after he set his goals — he was not just a dreamer but he was a man of action as well. While others would only dream of what success would look like, Armand was never afraid to try and fail. He was never afraid to push the limits and to go beyond what others had done. Even when others doubted his plan, he would always go ahead and prove them wrong. It was with this relentless determination and continual progress that he was able to develop the company he has today.

Time is one of the most important commodities and Armand was able to effectively manage and make use of it. He stressed the importance of planning his day to day activities to maximize his usage. If one does not effectively manage one’s time then their competitors can easily overtake them in the business world. Through careful time management, he was able to leverage technology to build his company.

The journey to success is filled with difficulties and obstacles and it is important to stay positive during that time. By staying focused on the positive and trusting the process, one will be able to overcome any hindrances to achieve the success they had set for themselves. Having a positive mindset is an important step as it will enable one to think clearly and make the necessary decisions to propel themselves to the forefront of their industry.

It is important to add value into one’s industry to differentiate themselves from their competitors, otherwise, success will continue to elude the budding entrepreneur. Do not take shortcuts as shortcuts do not lead to long-term success. By adding value to the industry, customers and clients will appreciate and differentiate one’s company from others in the same industry. Value exists everywhere and it is up to the entrepreneur to add and maximize this value to truly find success.

Armand’s story is truly a remarkable one as he was able to prove that anyone can achieve the American Dream through hard work and dedication. Through leveraging technology and spending many hours through trial and error, he was able to develop and grow a small company into one of the leading entertainment brands today. He laid out the five steps above as a way to give back to the community and to provide guidance for those who are starting out. The journey to success is not an easy one but by following the steps above, one can also find their way to build an empire.