Android Pie: Popularity and Features

Android 9 Pie is the latest update by Google which is a big update for the mobile app developers as well. Although you can unlock various other features of the android version using SuperSU Zip which will root your phone but Android P has a bunch of new exciting features and brings hefty surprises for Android app users. It is the 16th version of android OS. In mobile app Android holds 85.1 percent of the overall global market.

Features of Android Pie

Let us check the features given by Android Pie to curb the phone usage.

  1. Wi-Fi RTT for Indoor Navigation

Android P has come up with the exciting feature that now you can track location within a building. It is the most awaiting feature that is fulfilled by the Google. It is indoor GPS tracking means within mall or big buildings you are able to track short distances. For this purpose, Android Pie supports IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol.

  1.  Timer

The second awesome feature in Android P version is the App timer. This feature helps you to improve your productivity and to save your time. App timer means you can set a time limit for a particular app that you use for a long time. It will push a notification that your time limit for using app is over and asks to pause it.

  1.  Zooming Text

To reduce the problem of selecting wrong text, this new version has feature of text zoom. When you will click on a phrase, it will magnify the text at the pointer to read the text and to select correct word. It is known as Zoom lens feature.

  1.  Message Application

The smart feature that has been enhanced is messaging app. Now you can reply to the message from the notification. You do not need to open the messages to revert. Simply click on the reply option in notification.

  1.  Auto Rotate Feature

In addition to the features list, there is a feature of auto rotation. In the navigation bar, there is a button for rotation mode. Now it becomes easier, if your portrait mode is disabled and you try to rotate screen then it will show you option over there to enable it.

  1. Bluetooth

This Android version allows you to connect up with the five Bluetooth devices. And, you can switch b/w the devices seamlessly. Where, Android O supports only two Bluetooth audio devices. If you receive any phone call then Android P will route it to any paired Bluetooth audio device which will be capable of handling all the calls.

  1. Turn off Notifications Suggestion

Android 9.0 has feature which analyze the notifications that you swipe away every time without tapping it to open. The system shows a prompt and asks you to shut off the notifications for that specific app so that you do not need to swipe it again and again.


Thus, we can see how Android has covered almost complete global mobile market with its cool features and personalized interface. The android development has also becomes easier after the introduction of Flutter like IDE.

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