An innovative pumping equipment solution provides a creative answer to a problem

An innovative pumping equipment solution provides a creative answer to a problem
Roof cleaning unit.


Whirl-A-Way adds surprising functionality to everyday washers

Johannesburg, August 2022Hawk Pumps, manufacturers and distributors of quality high-pressure pumping equipment, were asked to design a rotating nozzle unit for washing the brick paving in the parking area and road outside the newly built Exhibition Centre in Durban. The contractors were worried about not completing the job in time for the opening. The solution that emerged was the innovation now known as “Whirl-A-Way”.

The Whirl-A-Way accessories make high-pressure washers more versatile by adding multiple new purposes to existing pumps. These include surface cleaning, vehicle undercarriage cleaning and roof cleaning.

Whirl-A-Way accessories add a new dimension to pumps that allow contractors to offer a wider range of services to their customers. The ingenious Whirl-A-Way attachments pair with standard Hawk high-pressure cleaners capable of delivering up to 300bar pressures.

Similarly, truck or car washing businesses can use the undercarriage cleaner for trucks and vehicles. This is especially useful on sites where clean undercarriages are mandatory – as they are at ports, mines, or the power utility.

The simple but highly effective Whirl-A-Way design consists of two rotating flat or solid stream nozzles attached to either end of an arm that rotates at high speed to cover larger areas. The overspray is contained under a protective cover. A single Whirl-A-Way can clean up to 1000m2 per day, saving precious man hours and money.

Contractors are currently using the Whirl-A-Way system for:

  • Floor and surface cleaning

The Whirl-A-Way general surface cleaning model is fitted with castor wheels that give it extra mobility, making it extremely easy to move around and light on the operator.

  • Roof cleaning

Uniquely designed for roof cleaning, this Whirl-A-Way variation has larger wheels, making it easier to use on corrugated roofs (and Marseilles tiles). The unit is available with or without handles.

  • Undercarriage cleaning

This version of the Whirl-A-Way is used to wash the underbodies of trucks and bakkies. It does this by spraying water at high pressure vertically under the vehicle, quickly removing built-up dirt and grease in order to comply with road laws.

Melanie Mokawem, Hawk Pumps CEO, comments, “Contractors are always looking for innovations that can speed up their workflow and add efficiency to their service offerings. The Whirl-A-Way surface cleaning system increases their capability without a huge amount of investment. The system’s beauty is its simplicity and reliability, which expands contractors’ capabilities and saves time, money and effort.”

To find out more about the Whirl-A-Way roof and surface cleaning solution, visit the Hawk Pumps website or contact one of the Hawk Pumps distribution offices:

Durban(031) 274-8555

Johannesburg(011) 822-4039

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About Hawk

Hawk is a manufacturing company that primarily creates industrial high-pressure pumping and cleaning equipment. They also manufacture spraying solutions, including industrial nozzles as well as eyewash and safety showers. One of Hawk’s biggest strengths is that they have the capacity to manufacture, and custom design machines tailored to specific customer needs.

Hawk serves a wide range of customers from virtually every industrial sector, including processing plants, factories, workshops, contract cleaners, drain and sewer cleaners, car, truck and bus washers, mines, agricultural and more.