A General Buying Guide for the USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro

The MacBook is supposed to be a wonderful gadget with amazing features and brilliant performance. However, the only drawback of using MacBook is that it has very few ports for connecting USB or any other cable. In an effort to eliminate this limitation, you can buy a USB-C hub. The USB type-C hub comprises USB ports, HDMI, SD slots, Ethernet, and even a charging port. All these ports seem to be quite useful when you are handling any important project on MacBook. This hub would be responsible for high-speed data transmission. USB-C is known for incredible efficiency.

A General Buying Guide

There are a plethora of USB hubs available in the market today that are compatible with your MacBook Pro. However, you must not get overwhelmed by the wider range of choices. Keep the following factors in mind and make the right choice.

Price: You must not go overboard while buying a USB hub. Before buying the hub, you need to understand if it is worth paying a high price. The product must be of top quality assuring excellent performance, and usefulness. Look for the best possible USB hub that is available within your budget.

Longevity: If you buy a USB hub which is capable of adding numerous ports but is not able to handle the excess load, it is certainly not worth buying. It would not be of much use. It is important to browse through reviews and gather some previous information about their performance and longevity. You must examine the robustness of its construction to make sure that it would be quite durable.

The product quality would be depending on the material that has been used in making the USB hubs. If the product is robust and of top quality then best materials have been used in the production of such hubs. Top quality materials would ensure that the hubs would be impervious to any kind of corrosion and that implies that the product would be long-lasting. There are some devices that would be getting overheated quite easily and could break as it cannot withstand the real pressure. You need to be quite careful while choosing the most durable and best USB-C hub for MacBook Pro.

Hub Features: While determining the best hub one of the key features to look for is the number of additional ports that it could add. You must choose as per your requirements. You must examine if the device actually comes with a cable or not. Moreover, examine if the device actually includes a robust power adaptor for those kinds of connection that would be requiring much greater power output. You must examine the versatility of the hub and ensure that it is capable of providing adequate power for all sorts of USB devices.

What Is So Attractive about the USB-C?

USB type-C has some incredibly cool features that you would not get in any other older USB connections. Here are some of the brilliant aspects.

Reversible: Unlike the older stuff, now it does not really matter which is the right side as USB type-C is reversible and you could easily insert it both ways.

Small: The new port seems to be one-third the actual height and just half the real width of the regular USB connector. However, it is supposed to be slightly larger as compared to the micro-USB connectors or for that matter ‘Lightning’ from Apple.

Powerful: This brilliant new connector could be providing 100 watts of power or even more, adequate for fueling your laptop.

Super-Quick: USB-C ports use top speeds for transferring data as high as 10 gigabits every second.

Flexible: With the help of adapters, you would be connecting your older devices to the USB type-C ports. You could even connect the non-USB devices such as Ethernet, VGA, and DisplayPort.


You must choose a USB-C hub as per your requirements and within your pre-determined budget. Always opt for top quality so that you enjoy a smoother and easier digital life.