8 Tips for Getting more Likes and Followers on an Instagram Photo

Eventually starting from a self-portraying medium for skilled and talented people to connect on a social network and share their work and life, Instagram has become an excellent platform for digital marketing.

Sharing moments and memories to a journey towards advertising and promotion has been swift.

How to get famous on Instagram?

The journey of ‘insta famous’ is all about likes and followers an account gets.  More the people look you up, more excellent is your visibility and vis-a-vis the demand. The fact that Instagram has millions of users across the globe makes it a lucrative social platform for becoming famous or marketing. Therefore you need to work on generating more likes and followers to your Instagram posts. But this is not easy. Not everyone possesses the skills required to tap in attention on social media. So what to do?

Well, here are eight brilliant ways to get more likes and followers on Instagram:

  1. The hashtag wonder:  Remember hashtag is like a string attached to your Instagram post. To make people like and follow your photo or any post you need to work on building unique and very interesting hashtags. Some time weird hashtags also work, and people are using strange hashtags to link their photos.
  2. More hashtags: Also using a lot of hashtags does increase the chances of getting your post viewed. People in general, when looking for specific things they search using hashtags, so more hashtags means more visibility. Giving variety and to one photo means people look it differently and that’s true because their perception differs some basic psychology.
  3. Instagram bio: Your profile is your self on Instagram. Completing the bio and profile means you offer people to know you better. Which kind of build trust, and when people trust you to be your real self, they connect with you easily making them follow you.
  4. Be active: Remember Instagram is all about connectivity and being visible, so you can’t lie dormant without giving in your time and attention. And this is done by being active. Post regular photos and videos and keep updating.
  5. Returning the favour/ be thankful: Do not forget that Instagram is a social platform and there are people beyond that screen. By being generous towards people who like or follow your photo you give them a personal feel and connectivity, to return. Also, do not forget to like or follow posts of people you like your photos, this builds the kya our courtesy’ but works great for your account.
  6. Tying the string: Now you need to know this trick. Posting photos in a manner as if they have a connection with every next one that follows as if in the form of a story, keeps the audiences enticed, interested and wanted more. Ones you build that interest, you are going to get more likes and followers to every photo you post.
  7. To time it right: Posting photos at the right time gives you an upper hand. Like the festival, occasions or some political issue or economic challenges people are facing.
  8. Avoid weekends: Wekends are personal time. Some people enjoy while there are others that may have had a rough time. So face it, people get jealous to see others enjoying their weekend while they can’t, so they don’t like your photo.

Use the above methods to get more Instagram likes and become the centre of attention on social media.