7 Life Skills Gamers will Develop from Building A Computer

7 Life Skills Gamers will Develop from Building A Computer
7 Life Skills Gamers will Develop from Building A Computer. Image source: Pixabay

Setting up your own PC does not only give you the satisfaction of building up your own hardware but it also hones skills that you can use in everyday life. Whether you’re a student or a worker, building a PC truly ushers in important life lessons that you can apply to yourself. It may look like we’re going overboard with this statement but trust us; when you build a PC, you build useful skills.

While you can surely ask someone else to craft every hardware together, it’s incomparable when it comes to the invigorating feeling of setting it up yourself and it works. Let’s go over 7 important skills you’ll gain from building one.

1. Responsibility

When you establish your computer, it’s all on you. You built it, you made it, you own it. When the PC’s hardware doesn’t function properly due to wrong connections or misplaced positions, that’s on you. When you don’t know where to put this and that, it’s all on you. Furthermore, if you want to play the best PC games right now, you’ll need to build that PC now without any further delay.

Your PC is your responsibility. And with that, you can apply it to the same way with what you’re managing in your life. Be it your work, a valuable item, your pet, your family, PC-building does teach us the meaning of responsibility.

2. Becoming Smart with Your Own Money

At some point, you may have bought the wrong parts or feel disappointed by the overall performance of a specific part. Like, let’s say you bought a cheap processor instead of anything listed in the best CPUs for sale because you were too frugal. As a result, your game can’t perform fast enough. And then that feeling of regret happens to you and you’re like, “Man I wish I should’ve bought this instead of that.”

Or maybe you bought the wrong brand of RAM and in turn, your PC starts to not work properly as time goes by. Suddenly you’re guilt-tripping on why you didn’t buy the faster and more reliable memory instead of going cheap-skate.

This is a great application for when you’re rich enough to start your own business or just simply buying stuff, whether it’s video games or apparel.

Moral lesson: always do your research before you buy something big. And if you do buy something unsuitable, you gain a passive lesson in life on becoming smarter with purchases. And that leads us to our next skill;

3. The Importance of Researching

Other consumers blindingly buy something without knowing the nooks and crannies of the particular product just because they saw the reviews saying how it’s the perfect part for their PC. You should note that high reviews are just the tip of the iceberg. What you do need to know is everything else about the product.

For example, you’re planning to buy a new graphics card, particularly a GTX 2080 Ti. You got the money for it, you know where to purchase it, but do you know how to utilize it? That’s why you’ll need to research on one product before going all-in. You need to check the flaws, the prerequisites to use it correctly and, most of all, to avoid any serious damages. Surely, you can’t use it fully with just a 4th gen Intel and 4GB of RAM, right? That’s why you need to research on other parts too so you can see which hardware works best with the graphics card.

It’s an elementary lesson but still, some of us forget to do so because we got too hyped from the marketing campaigns and the over-excitement.

The same goes to anything else in life, especially if you’re looking for information about other products.

4. You Improve in the Mechanic Department

Just like fixing a car, building a PC can turn you into a mechanic in the computer category. If you have never used a philip screwdriver or even a polisher and rag, get ready to use them. Building a computer is exhilarating and joyous in its own way, especially when everything comes together in the end. It’s easy to note that from building/fixing your PC, you’ll know how to handle tools properly as well as placing important screws in places where they don’t scatter.

5. Investment Bloom Good Things

When you know where to put your money in, investments turn into reliable sources of either income or pure entertainment. When you spend enough money to buy the best specs for the PC, you reap what you sow; spend on highly-reliable brands and buying from the right suppliers means you get the best PC from your wallet. The same way goes for any form of investment whether you’re upgrading your business, patching up your house with better ceilings or buying furniture to make your home more comfortable.

As long as it’s sensible and it gives you joy, your money is totally worth it.

6. Becoming Meticulous on Brands

Would you rather get a Kingston or a Seagate? Maybe an AMD or an NVIDIA card? Either way, picking the right parts for your PC requires you to be meticulous – as in wanting to know every detail of the product to make sure it is worth spending on. While there’s nothing wrong with the brand of your choice, you do need to take note that there’s a reason why some are more famous and have more sold products: because these brands are more reliable when it comes to stability. Trusting a brand is hard since you’ll need to discuss it with other people first and see the tests to know if they’re up to your standards.

7. Independence

Most of all, when you successfully build your own PC, you quickly realize that you don’t need other people to do it for you. This is especially good versus computer-building specialists. Not only do you prevent yourself from spending money on their services but you also gain mechanical skills too. You don’t need no man to build a computer for you a strong independent gamer.

What else can we say about independence? Everyone wants to help themselves at some point, right?

And so, that caps off all the life skills you can get from building a computer. We highly recommend building your own PC rather than let someone else do it, especially if you’re planning to bring it to a PC store. You’ll save tons of money, trust us.