7 Benefits of Using a GoPro Handheld Gimbal

7 Benefits of Using a GoPro Handheld Gimbal
7 Benefits of Using a GoPro Handheld Gimbal. Photo: Pixabay

Every serious photographer and videographer understands the importance of shooting quality and clear images. The problem is that the conditions in the outdoors are not always conducive, so your images may be compromised.

When holding your GoPro in your hands on a windy day, it’s not possible to shoot images that are smooth and sharper. Another case scenario where it’s not advisable to hold your GoPro camera with your bare hands is when in a wobbly place like on a moving vehicle or in the seas where the tide is so strong.

You need a handheld stabilizer, a GoPro gimbal, to help you continue shooting amid the poor conditions. The GoPro handheld stabilizer enjoys several benefits that lack in the traditional handheld sticks:

1. Smooth Images

This is probably the most important reason for buying the GoPro gimbal. The accessory is designed to hold your GoPro firmly so as to overcome shakiness. Whether you are shooting underwater or on land and there is too much vibration, the GoPro gimbal guarantees you smooth images. In fact, no one can tell the differences between the images and those shot in calm conditions.

2. Flexible Shooting

The GoPro handheld gimbals come in different designs. From regular handheld stabilizers to the 3-axis designs, they are all meant to help you shoot images in a flexible way. This is particularly essential when you can’t hold your camera with both hands, for example, when riding a bike while shooting.

3. Portability

There are so many gimbal designs on the market but a majority of them are heavy and thus not portable. On the contrary, most GoPro gimbals are lightweight and thus flexible to carry. Therefore, they are perfect for photographers and videographers who are looking for stabilizers that they can transport conveniently.

4. Saves You Energy

Considering that most GoPro stabilizers are lightweight, they don’t require much weight to carry. You’ll use very minimal energy. Furthermore, a GoPro gimbal will feel good in your hands and you can move with it from one point to another comfortably.

5. Saves You Time

When the conditions in the outdoors are unstable, it may be time-consuming trying to get an appropriate shooting angle. With the GoPro gimbal, you can change the direction of your camera easily and shoot fast. You can do this without compromising the quality of your images.

6. Camera Safety

Holding your GoPro camera on your hands can be risky. Your camera can slip and drop. You don’t want your GoPro camera to shatter into pieces before your eyes. The GoPro gimbal is able to hold the camera firmly to ensure that this does not happen.

7. Smartphone Compatibility

Though GoPro gimbals are primarily designed to hold the GoPro camera, a majority of them are compatible with smartphones. You can attach your Smartphone just like you do with a selfie stick.

It’s undeniable that you need a GoPro gimbal for your daily shooting. It makes the videography or photography sessions more enjoyable. Whether you are doing it professionally or just for amusement, the gimbal will help you achieve high-quality and sharper images.