6 must-haves for the modern office

6 must-haves for the modern office
6 must-haves for the modern office

These days businesses take many shapes and forms. From big corporate offices to the home office space or flexible shared working spaces, there is no one-size-fits-all office environment. However, any modern office environment has a few essential requirements to ensure that your business can keep pace. Seartec has a look at these must-haves.

1. High-speed internet and WiFi

Some things are just non-negotiable. In the digital age, fast and consistent internet connectivity is critical for business activity – whether it is to complete basic tasks like sending and receiving emails and browsing the internet, or to amp up office communications through teleconferencing and IP phone calls. While most offices do have an internet connection, what hampers productivity is the lack speedy and reliable internet. It is essential to ensure that you have the best connectivity package for your office and needs. Do some shopping around and get comparative quotes to get a good price as well.

2. Don’t lose sleep over lost data

A solid data backup plan is another vital asset. It is possible to have on-site backups, cloud backups or both. Whilst you probably won’t need to retrieve your data often, if your business does experience a computer or server crash having the backup could save you a great deal in terms of money, time and convenience.

3. Make meetings effortless

vc2-300x168.jpgVideoconferencing has become very accessible, even to small and medium-sized businesses – and cuts down on travel costs and time. It is not necessary to have dedicated boardrooms or expensive equipment, and videoconferences can be conducted in a cost-effective manner using an internet-enabled computer, a high-definition television and a camera with an integrated microphone. A good quality internet connection will ensure that these conferences are smooth sailing.

4. Shedding some light on the issue

There is a growing interest in how the office environment can contribute to employee wellness and productivity. Most open plan offices use artificial and harsh fluorescent lights, which can have a negative effect on energy levels. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light improves a person’s mood and productivity and having natural light in your office can make a surprisingly large difference in terms of how productive staff are. Full-spectrum lights are also increasingly being used in home and office environments as they have a warm tone which is closer to natural light sources.

5. Go green

Similarly, bare offices have a negative impact on office morale. Adding a few plants (and perhaps some cheery-coloured décor or other aesthetic touches) is a quick and cost-effective way to provide warmth and variety to office space. Even a simple home office could use a boost from a few potted plants.

6. Be prepared

As written in labour laws, all offices have to maintain a first-aid kit in or near a work area. Stocking it with basic medicines and supplies such as gloves and bandages will cover most small incidents. Large companies can also send designated staff on a volunteer basis for first-aid and fire training, and even small businesses can benefit from having a staff member who is trained in first aid.

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