5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Mountain Bike

5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Mountain Bike
5 Reasons Why You Should Get an Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes seem to be all the rage at the moment and for good reason too. They are novel and innovative and solve a host of problems for people all around the world. However, they seem to attract love and hate in equal measure. There are those who claim that riding an electric mountain bikes is cheating, since you don’t get to do all the heavy work.

Be that as it may, there is no denying that the benefits which come with an electric mountain bike far outweigh any cons associated with it. Here are five compelling reasons why you should get your electric mountain bike today:

1. Cover More Ground

One of the best reasons why you should get an electric mountain bike is that it allows you to cover more ground using far less energy. If you often feel limited on how far you can ride your bike when on a hike, then this is definitely the bike for you. You can wander as far as you want to without feeling tired or worrying about whether you will make it back home on time. As a precaution, however, always ensure that you have enough charge in your battery to get you home in good time.

2. Wear What You Want

Another perk that comes with electric biking is that you can wear whatever you want, without worrying about sweating a lot. With an ordinary mountain bike, you often have to stress about wearing light clothing that allows in as much air and wind as possible. This is definitely something you don’t need to worry much about with an electric mountain bike since you won’t have to exert yourself as much.

3. Stay Fit

If you often decide not to ride your bike because you think it is simply too much work, then you should consider riding an electric mountain bike. It might not require as much exertion as an ordinary bike but you still have to peddle those wheels if you want to move. You can use your electric bike for your daily commute as it minimizes the time you spend in your car, thus allowing you to breathe in fresh air as you make your commute.

4. More Speed

If you like the thrill of speed, then you will most definitely fall in love with the electric bike. It allows you to ride much faster than you possibly ever could on an ordinary bike, while requiring minimal input on your part. Better yet, an electric mountain bike has far more stability than your ordinary bike, because the motor is placed at the lowest point on the bike.

5. Be More Social

Finally, your electric mountain bike could be your ticket to a more vibrant social life. Owing to its novelty, you will find that most people owning the same bike have a lot to discuss. From the incredible efficiency of the bike to the criticism it attracts, you could never lack a topic for conversation with a fellow electric bike owner. What I have done in the past is set my DJI Mavic Air to follow me mode, and the drone followed me and my friends around while we rode around town. The quad only has 18 km range, and 30 min flight time, but its decent for those short trips.


If you are sitting on the fence not knowing whether or not to buy an electric mountain bike, by all means go ahead and purchase one. It will change many aspects of your life for the better, and you will be glad you bought it. From improving your fitness to giving you freedom to wear what you want to increase your cycling speed a lot more, the perks of getting an electric mountain bike are many and varied. Get yours today- you will not regret it.