5 Purposes Why Home and Remote Workers Should Use a VPN

5 Purposes Why Home and Remote Workers Should Use a VPN

You might have heard about a VPN, but do you know of its importance? In this day and age, when cyber threats are on the rise, VPNs have become quite popular in bolstering one’s cybersecurity. However, a VPN has much more to offer. If you wish to learn more about a VPN and how it can significantly benefit home and remote workers, then read on.

What is a VPN, Really?

For the uninitiated, a VPN serves as a tool that allows internet users to connect to different servers worldwide. In doing so, their existing IP address is replaced with a new one. Once a connection is established, the internet users will get an IP address from the region they are connected to. This way, they will appear as though they are from that region, thus allowing them to access content that would otherwise be inaccessible.

There are a couple of things worth noting here:

  • A VPN masks the internet user’s IP address, allowing them to become invisible online;
  • The internet user will become anonymous, saving them from hacker and cybercriminals;
  • A VPN may offer additional security features that would ensure a user remains safe and secure through and through.

5 Purposes Why Home and Remote Workers Should use a VPN

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the five purposes that make a VPN a useful tool for home and remote workers. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

1. Access Private Networks Securely

While working from home, you may need to access private networks to ensure you remain as productive as you were at your workplace. Unfortunately, accessing private networks from your home could cause a lot of problems. Most importantly, you could lead the way for hackers and cybercriminals to gain access to your work’s private network.

All is not lost, though. With the help of a VPN, private networks can be secured from unauthorized access and breaches. In this case, a VPN with dedicated IPs will be whitelisted for the private network. Essentially, any other IP address not whitelisted will be blocked from accessing the private network. In this way, businesses and their employees can continue operating smoothly without worrying about data theft or data loss.

2. Increase in Productivity

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of people are working from home. While it may be great to work from home or a tablet at a café, you will still need to maintain your productivity. It may be challenging to get the hang of it at first, but with a VPN’s help, it will be a breeze.

Since a VPN ensures data security and privacy, it will boost productivity; after all, you will not have to worry about getting hacked. With this distraction out of the way, nothing is stopping you from working to your fullest.

3. Protection on Public Wi-Fi Networks

If you are traveling, your biggest concern should be staying clear of public Wi-Fi networks. These networks may be free to use, but at what expense? Most of them are breeding grounds for hackers and cybercriminals. So, by connecting to such networks, you are putting yourself at immense risk. The good news is you can connect to public Wi-Fi networks, but only if you have a VPN.

Since a VPN comes with advanced security features like Military Grade Encryption, Secure DNS, and more, you can connect to public Wi-Fi networks without thinking twice. With impenetrable security and privacy, there is no way hackers and cybercriminals will get to you.

4. Vital for Pandemics

The COVID pandemic has brought things to a standstill, and there is very little that can be done to combat it, at least for now. Meanwhile, a VPN remains an invaluable tool during these hard times, allowing individuals and businesses to use the internet securely and freely.

Whether you are a freelancer or working for an established business, a VPN will ensure you can carry on with your work without risking your data or identity. Even with the considerable increase in cybercrime, you can rest easy knowing you are safe and sound.

5. A Cheaper Alternative to Travelling

If it is not obvious enough, a VPN is a cheaper alternative to traveling to your workplace. Whether it’s COVID-19 or you being sick, it does not matter because you can connect to your workplace with complete ease.  If your workplace allows it, you can stick to working from home via a VPN. Rest assured, it will be the best thing to have ever happened to you.

Seeing how much a VPN has to offer, you might want to reconsider if you weren’t using a VPN before. You will be pleased to know a VPN has many more applications apart from the ones mentioned above. Whether you want to benefit from VPN streaming or amazing deals and discounts from different regions, a VPN can make it happen. So, what are you waiting for, Christmas?