5 Effective Ways to Improve Your TV Reception

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your TV Reception
5 Effective Ways to Improve Your TV Reception

Surprisingly, people still use TV antennas and for good reason. You get free over-the-air TV rather than deal with the rising costs of cable TV, watching only the necessary shows (like the news) while using online streaming services for entertainment.

But if there is one downfall to using TV antennas, it’s the poor reception you can get from it. I know how irritating it is when you have poor TV reception and all you can see or hear is static. It puts the fun out of watching the news or your favorite shows, and it wastes your money.

So read on as I show you effective tips to improve your TV reception!

How to Improve Your TV Reception

Have you been experiencing more static from the TV rather than actual color and entertainment? These are the effective tips and ways to help keep your channels crystal clear for you to enjoy.

  1. Where Are the Broadcast Towers?

Before you even set up your TV antenna, the first thing to do is to look for the broadcast towers in your area. It’s better to do this even before buying your TV antenna so you can understand the power antennas need to pick up on your favorite stations.

You won’t need to drive around anymore, you can search online to locate the TV signals in specific areas. Websites have online tools so you can just put in your street address, then you’re shown a map that outlines the direction and distance of broadcast towers in the area.

That way, you will know where you should place your antenna based on the TV stations you want to watch. The nearer your antenna is to broadcast towers, the better the reception will be.

  1. Place Your Antenna Near Windows

When considering antenna placement, you also have to consider any obstructions. The fewer obstacles or obstructions that block your antenna to broadcast towers, the better reception you’ll get. Thick ceilings and walls are huge obstructions and will affect the signal and reception.

That’s why you should place your antenna near or in a window for the best results. It will get a clear line of sight to broadcast towers as long as there aren’t further obstructions, such as your neighbors’ thick wall or a huge tree.

However, you should also be sure that your antenna is placed in a window without direct contact with the sun. This also hampers one’s TV reception!

  1. Go Even Higher

One thing you may notice when using online tools to search for broadcast towers is that they ask for your antenna height.

This is actually a crucial factor, because the higher the antenna, the better the reception. It’s why you see antennas on roofs, with outdoor antennas picking up on many more channels compared to indoor ones.

Because of this, place your antenna in an area as high as you can, whether n your room or the television. If your TV is in a basement or away from broadcast towers, place it in higher stories or the attic and use a longer coaxial cable.

  1. Keep Away From Metal

Did you know that metallic surfaces near the TV antenna can interfere with digital signals? As a result, it blocks your reception.

For instance, if you place the antenna in a window that has metal bars or bug screens outside, then it can cause some issues. The same goes for those who have metal roofs, so placing the antenna in the attic won’t improve things.

As much as possible, the antenna should be six feet away from any metal object.

  1. Test Various Placements

You may have followed all the right tips but in truth, you may not be able to get the amazing HD channels you expect. There might be times that the reception still fails, so you’ll need to observe the signal and test out locations around the house.

Run a channel scan when placing your antenna in a new area and see which spot offers the best reception for your favorite shows.

Wrapping It Up

HDTV antennas offer free and HD-quality content without the rising costs. As long as you know the ways to improve their reception, you won’t have a problem with signal and enjoy watching TV just as if you were paying for cable. If the reception still sucks, you can look into companies like Signal Solutions who will help remedy any issues you have with your antenna.

I hope that this article on how to improve your TV reception helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into following these tips now.

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences in using a TV antenna? Share it in the comments section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated!