10 Reasons Why You Should Rely On Extended Software Development Team

10 Reasons Why You Should Rely On Extended Software Development Team
10 Reasons Why You Should Rely On Extended Software Development Team. Image source: Pixabay


You almost already have an exceptional in-house team of engineers – so why would you worry about the benefits of an offshore software development team or even how to hire one?

The reality is, investing in a remote software team is arguably the simplest method to cover skill shortages in your core workforce, form long-term relationships with exceptional engineers/developers, and complete long-term projects swiftly and effectively.

What’s the best part?– All of this comes at a fraction of the expense of full-time staff recruiting.

However, we have gotten ahead of ourselves.

To begin, let us consider the following!

Table of Content:

  • Introduction
  • What Is Extended Development Team Model?
  • Extended Development Teams vs. In-House Development
  • How precisely does this extended team model work?
  • Top 10 reasons to expand your development team
  • Final Note


What Is Extended Development Team Model?

The extended team approach, commonly referred to as staff augmentation, combines in-house and remote or “extended” engineers to work on the same projects. This long-term collaboration strategy reduces expenses while gaining the expertise of additional top-tier developers.

Extended software teams are frequently “nearshored” to a nearby nation — or even “offshored” to a foreign continent — for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Extended Development Teams vs. In-House Development

You’re probably wondering why you should pick an extended development team over typical outsourcing at this point.

And you’re correct: the extended team approach does share some of the advantages of traditional outsourcing. For example, both models enable you to tap into a bigger talent pool and scale your workforce quickly and efficiently.

However, there is one critical distinction — and it makes all the difference.

Traditionally, outsourcing entails delegating the whole development process to an external team. As cost-effective as it may be, it frequently entails a lack of transparency and administrative supervision over the code you receive.

By contrast, one of the advantages of an expanded development team is the strong collaboration between in-house and distant engineers. They have an ongoing collaboration and learn from one another as a result of their shared objectives and duties — and you always know what’s going on. That is why the term ‘nearshoring’ is used.

However, do not misunderstand me: complete project outsourcing may be extremely beneficial for short-term or one-off jobs. It is just not the greatest answer for establishing long-term collaboration or working on more complicated tasks. 

Outstaffing firms provide an extended software development team as a service

Choosing a dedicated development team and outstaffing vendor organisation has benefited countless companies and startups in the software development industry.

How precisely does this extended team model work?

As with every other part of business, there are various constituent elements. It demands, first and foremost, a strong partner portfolio and smart destination selection. Then, an intensive step-by-step procedure of establishment, including legal and financial elements, is required, which is typically presented or recommended by your prospective spouse. This entire complex is most likely to result in a productive and painless software development outsourcing process, on-time and high-quality project outputs, and effective achievement of company objectives that generate revenue.

With a well-crafted extended team model (ETM), you have every opportunity of hiring skilled software engineers to work alongside your development team and provide actionable results, while the majority of administrative costs are borne by the agency providing the outstaffing services.

Leaving aside the characteristics of collaboration, there are various advantages to this type of software development team expansion.

Top 10 reasons to expand your development team

In contrast to outsourcing, the extended team model method does not include handing over the full project to another organization. Your internal development team and extended development team can share it. This will boost your team’s productivity, competence, and adaptability. Here are the brief reasons to justify it.

1. Increased Trust and Improved Teamwork

A software development team enables you to keep your workflows reliable. It can help you manage your time and effort by allocating assignments to team members. Everyone can work concurrently and uninterruptedly on procedures. This will expedite your project and increase member confidence.

A clear vision and effective communication may significantly improve your chances of success in software development. As a result, ensure that you communicate properly with your development team so that they can efficiently complete your project needs. Provide them with every information regarding your project and address any concerns they may have.

Assigning appropriate project roles will ensure the project’s success. Additionally, you may determine whether your software development team is adhering to required regulations and development methods.

Your core team may easily assign all small software development initiatives to an expanded software development team. Additionally, it enables you to work on your projects without having to hire additional workers.

2. Cost reduction is the motivating factor

With a focus on the quality and exclusivity of one’s own solution or product and an awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of a wide variety of collaboration models, every firm considers cost efficiency and return on investment. By partnering with a reputable outstaffing firm, you may have access to the whole pool of highly skilled employees located at the offshore/nearshore location without incurring any overhead costs.

Additionally, administrative concerns like taxes, office space, perks, and recruiting difficulties are addressed. Another critical factor to consider is security. Security is critical in a data-driven environment, regardless of the extended team model. Outstaffing agencies ensure that all applicable laws and regulations are observed and adhered to within this paradigm of growth. The beauty of the scenario is that the expanded development team’s necessary resources are, in fact, your company’s personnel.

3. You save time while maintaining control of the hiring process

Does the prospect of recruiting, training, and onboarding full-time engineers fill you with joy?

I didn’t believe so.

Fortunately for you, expanded development teams provide a more streamlined and efficient solution. You get to put together your own dedicated development team and have it up and running quickly.

Additionally, because all project management occurs in-house, you remain constantly informed about product progress.

4. Growth of the business

By broadening your workforce, a specialised software development team can help you expand your business globally. Additionally, it gives a strategic edge over outsourcing development services.

At times, your in-house software development team may be tasked with a critical project with a short timeline. In this instance, the extended software development team can assist you in dividing your burden, allowing your in-house software development team to complete their current project quickly. Your team can effectively manage many jobs concurrently.

With a single person in command and others present to support that choice, making final decisions becomes simple. As a result, no conflict of interest will exist. This will boost your employees’ overall productivity.

5. Continuous enhancement of the product

Expansion of your software development staff enables you to enter new markets. Additionally, it enables you to make regular improvements to your items in order to meet market demands.

For instance, you may be interested in producing a mobile application for a certain demography, but your extended software development team may recommend developing a progressive web application (PWA) to broaden your market reach.

New philosophies will encourage your developers to think creatively. Developing innovative problem-solving techniques will enable your software development team to deal with unforeseen events. Additionally, it will present novel methods for developing superior software and will keep your team engaged and motivated. They will have a more fascinating experience with software development.

6. Global reach of the talent pool

Coordination with an organisation that provides outstaffing services to augment your software development team also provides you with an enormous reach to expert developers in the destination country. This entails capitalising on the finest value-for-money offer.

7. The best talent screened and picked

The reputable and recognised outstaffing firm makes it a point to do a thorough screening of software specialists, ensuring that candidates are a good fit for your vacancy needs. This clearly saves time and money for both you and your staff, enabling you to focus on your primary business activities. You are welcome to participate actively in the hiring process by screening and interviewing candidates to ensure your requirements are met and new team members can potentially integrate into your environment, but your efforts are minimised because the agency handles the backstage work of active search, preliminary and technical interviews, and so on.

8. Cost-sharing in business

To support your software development team, you’ll need a strong technological foundation and a specialized software development staff to assist with configuration and maintenance. When you employ a software development firm, you and your team may split the costs of the business.

Technology is always changing and becoming more demanding. An expanded software development team can give you cutting-edge technologies, processes, and experiences at this point. Contacting individuals with extensive and diversified technical skills will accelerate your business’s growth. Additionally, it will help you save money on training.

9. A painless onboarding process and a painless termination

Scaling up or down your core workforce is frequently a time-consuming process in terms of assimilation, policy changes, and internal restrictions. Outstaffing agencies save you time and work in this area since they allow you to alter your core extended team without incurring any unemployment compensation costs. If the software professional’s abilities are no longer required for the current project, the agency looks after the resources by reassigning them to another project, providing them other possibilities, or just keeping them “on the bench.”

10. Quality Assurance

Writing outstanding code takes time. You must concentrate. Unnecessary haste in obtaining deadlines might degrade the quality of your programming. Additionally, it progressively lengthens the time of the job.

Due to the recurring scripts, anybody can conduct regression tests without having to repeat the processes manually. Your team may work on new features while the existing ones are automatically checked.

In comparison to a newbie software developer, a highly trained software development team creates fewer complicated systems. However, there are a few other elements to consider that you should be cautious about or avoid outright.

Final Note

In an era of complete globalization, physical distance is irrelevant when it comes to expanding your software development workforce. High-speed communication channels combined with a personal approach facilitate a strong connection between software development specialists and their clients, allowing them to fully utilise their talents and knowledge to ensure project success. And technology firms are able to hire the best offshore software development company on a budget that fits their business requirements.