Zuma selling the African sub-continent to Beijing

Zuma selling the African sub-continent to Beijing
Zuma selling the African sub-continent to Beijing

South Africa is a country of variety. We have people originating from Europe now called Afrikaners (some prefer Boers) who speak Afrikaans, a language with its origin in the languages of Western Europe and some influence from the Indies and the indigenous Khoi people. Other white people in South Africa speak English, or Portuguese, or Greek…

We have our coloured community speaking either Afrikaans or English, mostly both. We have our Indian citizens speaking mostly English, Hindu as a second language along with Afrikaans.

And then our black majority speaking at least 14 African languages and dialects including Nguni languages, Sotho and Tshonga and Tswana and others…and mostly English and/or Afrikaans as second language.

But who the hell, apart from half a million illegal immigrants running little shops dotting the landscape like freckles on a ginger haired teenager, speak Mandarin? And yet mr Elijah Mhlanga, Chief Director of Communications at the Department of Basic Education confirmed today that Chinese Mandarin will be offered as a second language at South African schools for Gr4 learners and upwards from as January 2016! It was even published in the Government Gazette.

Mr Jacob Zuma, our pitiful corrupt Gr 5 graduated excuse for a president, probably sanctioned this as part of the deal of selling the African sub-continent to Beijing. And why would he not? Red China is the last big Communist state on earth and the ANC government has been running this country in coalition with the Communist party since 1994. In fact, the Minister of Higher Education, the ominously named “Blade” Nzimande, is the high hat man of the SACP.


Zuma himself served on the Politburo of the South-African Communist Party until 1990. That is nothing new, the FW de Klerk treasonous sell-out of 1994 was not a sell-out to black majority government, but a sell-out to Communism. The Deputy General Secretary of the SACP, Solly Mapaila, confirmed on 6 December 2013 that Nelson Mandela was in fact a member of the SACP at the time of his arrest in 1962 and that it was denied at the time for “political reasons”. (Natasha Marrian, Business Day, Jhb)

Will our children be offered the opportunity to pick German, Dutch, French or Flemish, the languages in which their culture and custom and religion root, as a third language in school next to English and Afrikaans? Certainly not, but they will be taught the language of the strange, foreign new master because Jacob Zuma and Blade Nzimande so desperately want to make South Africa into a Communist dictatorship, but they don’t have the sense or intellect to manage that. So they sell out South Africa and its children to the big Communist Dragon from the East, and in the manner of the select few who are “more equal than the others” (George Orwell) they will live in capitalist luxury while the rest of us become the slaves of Beijing.

Has any other country in the world been betrayed and sold down the river by its own people more than this sad piece of land at the foot of the dark continent?

Daniel Lötter
Front National Information

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