Zuma must apologise to white people for land theft claim

President Jacob Zuma owes the country an apology for saying that the theft of land from its rightful owners is the cause of poverty and unemployment in South Africa, Freedom Front Plus MP Pieter Groenewald said on Tuesday.

Speaking during the motion of no confidence debate on Zuma in the National Assembly, Groenewald said Zuma had a constitutional obligation towards nation building.

“But the president creates race divisions,” said Groenewald.

Zuma reportedly made the comments at an event during the African National Congress’s anniversary commemorations in Rustenburg.

Groenewald said on Tuesday: “I want to say to you, the Honourable President should apologise to the white people of South Africa to say that they have stolen the land.

“That is a lie. He is contravening the Constitution, and therefore nobody can have confidence in a president regularly contravening the constitutional obligations.”

However ANC chief whip Stone Sizane interjected and said: “The land of South Africa was taken through the barrel of a gun. That is stealing by force.”

Land in South Africa is a sensitive issue after the apartheid government systematically took land rights away from black people and displaced whole communities during its land grabs.

Every week the government processes new land restitution claims, but parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters say this is happening too slowly.

Source – News24

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