Zuma immediately seeks to help black lawyer

Die Vryburger

Michael Masutha - Image - Die Vryburger

The state is apparently the largest user of legal services these days but apparently, does not trust black attorneys.

This relates from a complaint received by the institution with the racist name Black Lawyers Association (BLA). The learned lawyers and advocates will protest at the Union Buildings to the fact that the government uses more white than black lawyers in their cases before the court.

The amounts involved are promising millions, if not billions, a year and BLA members would like to lay their hands on it.

Unlike where farmers, for example, protest against farm attacks, Zuma in this case immediately dealt with the issue and ordered his minister of justice, Michael Masutha, to pay attention to BLA’s concerns and to deliver a report to him.

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  • winifred ann watson

    The problem in this country is competition. People should be competing in their jobs and that goes on all levels. Even in school students need to learn to compete, it makes us better people in life and until that happens nothing will ever improve.

  • Michael Dean Miller

    Wow, if ya put three members of the Black Lawyers Association together, what do you get?
    Bla, bla, bla…..

  • AlexD

    Really tough.