Zuma: I’m not a corrupt crook

Zuma: I’m not a corrupt crook

Johannesburg – President Jacob Zuma has gone to court to ask that accusations that he is a “corrupt crook” and his government “extremely corrupt” be removed because they are simply defamatory, insulting and tarnish his administration’s image.

In his response to Hugh Glenister’s Constitutional Court appeal against parts of a December Western Cape High Court judgment ordering Glenister to pay former police minister Nathi Mthethwa’s legal costs, Zuma says the businessman made a vitriolic, defamatory and vexatious personal attack on him and the ANC government.

Glenister says the costs order against him is ill-considered and wants Mthethwa’s strike-out application dismissed because he did not act in bad faith. The president also wants Glenister’s case dismissed as it is misconceived and vexatious.

Zuma supports the order striking out various passages from Glenister’s affidavits and reports attached on the basis that they are scandalous, vexatious or irrelevant.

Zuma says Glenister invokes “many paragraphs and hundreds of pages tarnishing the present government and numerous individuals in it as corrupt”.

According to the president, Glenister’s submission is “wholly irrelevant and simply defamatory”.

Zuma says there is no need for Glenister to upset him by making scurrilous accusations that could not feasibly advance his court case…

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