Zondo appointed as new Chief Justice

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Zondo appointed as new Chief Justice
Zondo appointed as new Chief Justice

Judge Raymond Zondo, who was appointed as the new Chief Justice on 10 March 2022, was the FF Plus’s preferred candidate and the party believes that he is the best man for the job.

Judge Zondo proved his mettle with the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into state capture.

He did not hesitate to ask probing questions, irrespective of the importance or status of the individuals holding high political offices who appeared before him.

He exposed those who had been involved in corruption and even requested that some of them must be investigated more thoroughly.

This indicates that his reasoning is independent of politics, and he shows no favoritism.

That is exactly what is expected of a Chief Justice; he must be able to make findings and pass judgements without fear or prejudices.

The FF Plus wishes Judge Zondo all the best of luck with the appointment and trusts that he will continue to ensure that the judiciary remains independent and gets the respect that it is due.

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