Zindzi Mandela ‘remote’ ambassador to Denmark

Zindzi Mandela ‘remote’ ambassador to Denmark

In October last year, 7 months ago, Zindzi Mandela, the daughter of former president Nelson Mandela, was appointed as ambassador to Denmark. She underwent diplomatic training (which she actually needed much earlier when the Mandelas started bickering about the will – too little, too late, as they say.)

Nonetheless, 7 months down the line she is receiving her salary as ambassador to a country which invests millions in South Africa annually and has always been honorary members of the Nelson Mandela fanclub, yet she has not set foot near Copenhagen. Why?

Government says it is because of “family obligations”, but the truth is that she is involved with a Kenyan boyfriend and she cannot get security clearance from the Danish government for him to accompany her.

Isn’t it time to appoint a more competent diplomat to this key position? Or at least get someone who is actually in Denmark, where he/she is supposed to be? And more to the point, Front National would love to know how long her salary will be paid without her doing anything to earn it?

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