Zille tackles Malema over racism

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Zille tackles Malema over racism
Zille tackles Malema over racism. Photo: Die Vryburger

The Western Cape Prime Minister, Helen Zille, whose party is in various coalitions with the EFF, has gone on social media against Julius Malema regarding his unbridled racism.

It follows the war of words between Malema and Arthur Trollip, DA mayor of Port Elizabeth, in which Malema once again expressed his open hatred against white people (even leftist whites).

Political commentators say it is the fabric of the old Progressive Party of Helen Suzman who later ended up with the DA.

Zille had previously been in trouble about her statements on social media, and observers believe that she once again may fall out of favour with the DA leadership because she challenged a coalition partner. This can shorten Zille’s political life.

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