Young girl raped, stabbed and set on fire

Young girl raped, stabbed and set on fire

Newcastle, South Africa – A young girl was raped, stabbed and set on fire this weekend in Madadeni, Section 7.

According to reports, the girl was approximately 17-years-old, and it is believed she was living with her grandmother. The incident took place late on Saturday night, and police were summoned on Sunday morning after residents discovered the horrific scene. A positive identification has not yet been made.

Journalists were confronted by a grisly scene on arrival at the house. The charred remains of her body was all that was left in a part of an unfinished house, while her head remained untouched by the flames. All around the body, blood was found smeared on the walls and in small pools in the vicinity.

Police on scene mentioned the possibility that the girl was murdered elsewhere, and her body brought to the house post mortem. It is also believed she was only set on fire after her death.

According to residents living in the area, they live in constant fear from two groups of men who allegedly mug, rape, steal and murder at their leisure. Male residents held a meeting to discuss the high rate of crime in the area, and have decided to ask the help of local SAPS for night-time patrols…

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