You come from where, Sir – myth of apartheid and forced removals

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You come from where, Sir – myth of apartheid and forced removals
Apartheid and White Racism - The Reasons

It is the year 1946. Exactly 70 years ago. After Word War II the newly-formed United Nations sanctioned a census among all member states to determine borders. In the Union of South Africa a census was diligently conducted. In the Union’s 472 494 square miles of land just over 11 million people made a living.

It was the year 1946. Two years before the National Party took office and as a government started to promote a policy of separate development (Apartheid).

If you believe ANC and liberal propaganda you surely would have heard of the forced removals of approximately 1,5 million black people to black areas. The injustice of it! The inhumanity! The disgrace!

Now, here is where official figures come in, Sirs ANC, EFF and DA: the census was conducted per district in the Union and these figures are available.

You come from where, Sir - myth of apartheid and forced removals - Image -  Front Nationaal
You come from where, Sir – myth of apartheid and forced removals – Image – Front Nationaal

• First of all: your laughable figure of 1,5 million blacks being forcibly removed from white areas. It may come as a shock to you, Sirs, that less than 1,7 million blacks were living in the so-called “white areas”; 516 954 of those in just fifteen mining and industrial areas such as Witbank, Vereeniging, Springs, Roodepoort and Krugersdorp. These half a million black people were mostly mineworkers with their homes in their traditional areas and staying in hostels in the fifteen “white centres”. In the major cities including Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg whites outnumbered blacks by far. To tell the truth – in the 50 biggest cities and towns of the Union of South Africa whites outnumbered blacks by 1 220 416 to 951 834. Your propaganda of 1,5 million blacks being forcibly removed by bulldozers and the like, is a lie. It will always be a lie, no matter how many times you repeat it. Your land claims are lies, no matter how many times you repeat it.

• The second lie of course is how blacks were held back in education. That the “white government” maintained almost five black schools for every one white school is ignored. A mere three years later, in 1949, Dr EG Malherbe told the international conference at Colombia University in the USA that the Union of South Africa (the ‘Apartheid State”) had further increased the black education expenditure tenfold and that black learners had doubled. The conference took note that Alan Paton’s book “Cry the Beloved Country” was utter nonsense. South Africa ended their financial year with a surplus of five million pounds.

• During the following fifty years after 1946 the National Party government built more than a million brick houses, schools, clinics and universities to accommodate the influx of blacks into “white” areas; apart from the millions of rand pumped into the traditional “homeland” areas in development. Soweto, Alexandra, Thokoza, Attridgeville, Sharpville… all burst out of their seams; subsidized heavily. Not shacks – brick houses, albeit small.

• The peaceful struggle by Zulu and Indian together against ‘Apartheid’, incidentally, proved another lie. In Durban Zulus bandied together against Indians and 137 people were killed; one white, 53 Indians and 83 Zulus. Thirty whites, 768 Indians and 1085 Zulus were injured. Zulu chieftain Ndodembi Ngcobo said: “A large number of children are born among my people who are not children of my race. They have straight hair like the hair of an Indian. This is a repugnant sight for Zulus, just as when a cow gives birth to a goat kid”.

• The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations apologized unconditionally to South Africa for erroneous statements in its annual report that black children in the Eastern Cape had starved because Union aid had been withdrawn. This was a lie spread by the Bantu representative in Parliament, Sam Kahn of the Communist Party.

• Far from just withholding aid from the black areas some of the “white majority” towns of 1946 were handed over to blacks – Mafeking to Boputhatswana, Rustenburg, Umtata to Ciskei etc. – all to advance the blacks in their own traditional areas.

CONCLUSION: The South African government was far from lily-white in their actions, but the figures and history show exactly how the communist ANC grabbed their opportunity for false propaganda as more and more African countries joined the UN, together with the Soviet Bloc, the East and China. The false propaganda continues to this day as the ANC, EFF and DA continue to blame everything on Apartheid, trying to rewrite history.

Front National SA has always said, and says it again: we don’t want to return to Apartheid simply because we never again want to take responsibility for any other race or ethnic group apart of our own. We want self-determination where we will not repeat the mistakes of the past by supplying jobs or opportunities simply to be overrun by an uncontrolled birthrate and liberal ideas of the “noble barbarian”. Once bitten, twice shy.

By Hannes Engelbrecht

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