Yes we are ‘gatvol’ of #theafricanway (aided and abetted by liberals) and this is why

Opinion by Political Correspondent

Yes we are ‘gatvol’ of #theafricanway (aided and abetted by liberals) and this is why
Yes we are 'gatvol' of #theafricanway (aided and abetted by liberals) and this is why

What has the black majority done with South Africa? #TheAfricanWay, here is some idea. Are you not gatvol of the following being done to you on a daily basis? Who commits these crimes on a daily basis?

ATM bombings, CIT heists, stock theft, street /shop and business robberies, truck/bus bombings, burning/ destruction of schools, mutilation of animals (cattle&sheep) during cattle raids on farms, violent protests, armed robberies, smash and grab, steal and swap bank cards, illegal mining, farm and Smallholdings attacks, posing as police/ metro cops, urinating in public and dumping rubbish all over, raping of the elderly, babies and teenagers, house robbing, cable theft, land grabs, stealing from overturned trucks, hijacking, taxi violence, Illegal electrical connections, burning buses and trains, vandalizing property, vehicle theft, looting shops, posing as police ” blue light gangs, inciting violence and intimidation ……..

And the ANC socialist/Marxist government does little but nothing to stop this.

In fact the ANC goes for the big time, they are specializing in much more serious crimes like state capture, industrial scale looting, institutionalizing double standards and racial discriminatory laws against minorities, designing and instigating racial hatred and economic warfare against minorities, stealing in each and every way possible, living the high life with taxpayer money, decimating and rotting up each and every piece of infrastructure and national asset – like railways, schools, hospitals, universities and state owned enterprises – treason and selling the country to foreigners etc, all whilst laughing incessantly at each other, turning national politics and institutions like Parliament into a circus.

At the end of the day all they are good at is racial supremacy and dominance but with creating , building, sustaining and nurturing they do not have the foggiest clue. And definitely also not with taking responsibility and accountability, however with denying and lying ” our people” running the country are experts in.

We need to say we had enough and we need to say we want out. The current way things are done with the Liberal/Globalist Alliance with their liberal mainstream media friends turning the whole world into a one sided racial hegemony with only black lives which matter is not working for us.

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