Woman hit robber on the head with empty bottle

Woman hit robber on the head with empty bottle

With a gun being pointed right between her eyes, a Silverton bottle store owner used the tools of her trade to fight off three armed robbers on Wednesday by hitting the gun wielding criminal on his head with an empty bottle.Her husband John Halder was shot in the ankle during the armed robbery.

“You use what you can,” said Pat Halder, owner of John and Pat’s Place bottle store in Pretoria Road, Silverton.“ I was fighting for my husband’s life,” she said, adding that by Wednesday afternoon, her husband was still in surgery at the Mamelodi Hospital.

According to Pat, the robbers struck just before 10h00 Wednesday morning. One of them pretended to purchase a six-pack of beer and said he also wanted to buy R5 Cell C airtime. “He said it out quite loudly and I now realise it was a signal for the two other robbers waiting outside to also enter the bottle store. When he came up to the counter to pay, he took out a firearm and told me to stop with what I was doing,” she told Rekord.

In the meantime, the two other robbers had also entered the shop. One of them was armed with a ten inch knife while the other man was also carrying a firearm.

“The man pointed the gun right between my eyes at close range,” Pat said, adding that she grabbed the first thing she could – an empty bottle – and hit him on the head. By then her husband had tackled the robber from behind and a shot went off.
A fight ensued between John, Pat and the three robbers when another shot was discharged. The bullet hit John in the ankle. The second gun wielding robber dropped his gun – which turned out to be a toy – and the three robbers fled the scene. The other robber also dropped his knife before fleeing.

“They got away with R2 000 which I had in my hand at the time they struck,” Pat said…

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